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Tips to Choose the Perfect Hat Style Keeping the Shape of Your Face in Mind

Perfect Hat Style

It could be slightly tricky to decide which hat style will complement your looks and personality. Women find it overwhelming to find the right hat to take their style quotient to the next level. Way back in 2011, according to The National News, many American young adults were surprised when told that hats were an extension of a lady’s wealth, class, and status, just like a flashy extravagant sports car would be to a gentleman. However, in 2021 hats are very much in vogue as a top fashion accessory. Over the years, they have gained phenomenal popularity, and often your outfit would look incomplete without a hat to complement it. Wear a hat to add a whole new dimension with Perfect Hat Style to your appearance.

Experts believe that the shape of your face and the size of your head should help you determine the best and perfect hat style to help you steal the show wherever you go. It is of pivotal importance to choose your hat based on these crucial parameters so that you get the perfect accessory to take your style & fashion quotient several notches higher.

Guidelines for Perfect Hat Selection

As a contemporary woman, you would love to make a fashion statement. You are sure to steal the show wherever you go by wearing a statement accessory like a hat. Remember to follow hat selection directives depending on your personal preferences and facial shape, and features. There are numerous hat styles available in the market. It could be challenging to identify the hat style that seems ideal for your personality and best for your unique facial shape. If you succeed in choosing the perfect hat, rest assured to get a super-flattering statement accessory for winning hearts and making all heads turn. Choose a chic hat from the reputed American hat company for great style and comfort!

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The Shape of Your Face Matters

You may initiate with a thorough inspection of your face. Observe your face in the mirror and see for yourself whether you have a round face or long, or oval, or heart-shaped. Rely on hat experts to guide the way every step of the way. 

Once you know your facial shape, you may choose the perfect hat style depending on the individual facial features that highlight your personality. The underlying idea is to opt for a hat that helps in accentuating your best facial feature, and at the same time, helps you hide your flaws. 

For instance, if your face is oval-shaped, you may wear a wide brim hat, as it helps in cutting down the length and making your face look rounder. The best way to choose the perfect hat is to take accurate measurements of your forehead. Measure the length using tape from the peak of your eyebrow to the chin. Also, measure your jawline. Use these measurements while buying the perfect hat.

Remember You Are Not Answerable to Hat Police

There exists no hat policing. The most important rule is that you do not have to follow stringent rules while choosing a hat to compliment your looks and outfit. Hats are usually used as a bold fashion statement. You may wear the perfect hat that reflects your individuality, personality, and confidence. Whatever hat style you go for, remember to focus on owning it and making it your own. 

Best for Your Round Face

Choosing a silhouette that seems to flatter the shape of your face is all about striking the right balance. A round face will look best in a hat that has a medium brim and higher crown. If you wish to create an instant impact, you may slant your hat to a side. If a woman wishes to flaunt a unisex hat, you may consider adding a scarf, brooch, or feather to add an element of femininity and a unique look.

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Best for Your Long/ Oblong Face

If your face elegantly tapers towards your chin and your forehead looks elongated and prominent, go for a hat with a broad brim and low crown. You should be delighted to have access to the best options from the amazing world of hats. You may try the Panama, Fedora, or the Cloche that are specially designed and created for ladies with oblong faces. Remember to steer clear of hats with tall crowns since they will end up making your face look more elongated. 

Best for Heart-Shaped Face

For a heart-shaped face, it is best to focus on using your hat’s brim for balancing your facial features. The brim of your hat should appear wider than your chin and offer good coverage for your forehead. A floppy brim hat could be a fantastic choice. You may consider being playful while positioning the hat. You may choose from bold colors like burgundy, or black.

Best for an Oval Shape

You are lucky to have an oval face with a broader forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a tapering chin. Your face is ideal for all types of hats. You may enjoy experimenting with different hat styles and choose the hat that best demonstrates your personality and mood.


Never be impulsive while choosing a hat. Choose a hat that best suits your facial shape, unique styling, and personality. Always focus on making an informed choice for getting the maximum value for money.

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