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Five ways for you to take care of your phone and give it longer lifespan


The average person in the last few years has spent almost four hours on their phone per day. This is a lot of time spend with a piece of technology that is not larger than wallet, but yet they are much more expensive, and they require much much more, when it comes to taking care of them during the day, so that it has a longer lifespan before you have to replace it with a new. In this article you can read five pieces of advice that you might follow to expand the lifespan of your phone, so that you are always equipped to find your way to real money games India at casinotop online, where there are hours upon hours of entertainment ready for you. 

Buy a case for your phone

If you want to protect your phone, you have to make sure that it is protected when it falls, and if you drop it somewhere, where there is nothing to catch it. There are thousands of cases online that might fit your phone, and it is here only a question of your personal taste and the model of your phone that dictates which one you have to buy. There are softshell cases, if you want a more rounded look, but there are also hard cases that snap onto the back of your phone like a shell. There is a huge difference in the price that you have to pay for your case, and there are designer cases that are much more expensive, and there are very cheap ones that do nothing to keep your phone safe. This is why it might be a good idea for you to read the review of the case, before you add it to your cart.  VISIT HERE

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Use a protective glass for the phone screen

If you really want to take care of your phone, you have to buy a protective glass that fits the size of the screen. This glass will then take all of the scratchings and the damage that your phone would otherwise have to take, and it will cost you much more to get your phone repaired than to simply exchange the glass adhesive for a new one. There are many different types of glas. Some you can get, where there are three layers of glass, before your phones actual screen is reached, but there are also very thing other pieces that is made of cheap materials and plastic, which will not make sure that your phone is safe, in case that you drop it, or it becomes scratched in a pocket with other things such as your keys. 

Clean the screen for bacteria and dirt

If you want to take care of your phione a prolong its lifespan, you have to make sure that it is clean from bacteria and dirt. This is done by using wipes that are especially made for electronics so nothing that is not good for your phone comes in touch with it. When you clean your phone, you are making sure that there are no bacterias on it that could potentially make you sick, or might ruin the hardware. You can buy these wipes in most regular convenience stores, and it is very easy to clean your phone with them. Just remember that it might be a good idea for you to turn off your phone during the cleaning process, so you do not press any unwanted buttons, because there is some hardlifed dirt that won’t come off. 

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Look after the battery

If you want to expand the lifetime of your phone, you have to make sure that the battery is well taken care of. This means that you should never charge your phone to a maximum of a 100 percent every time that you charge, as this puts a strain on the battery, and you should never charge your phone’s all the way through the night, as this also takes a toll on the battery. Instead, you should make sure to only charge, when your phone has reached 10-15 percent, and you should only charge it to a maximum og 95 percent. This way, you are taking good care of your battery and through that good care of your phone’s. 

Keep it cool and dry your phone

When you have to expand the lifespan of your phone, it is a good idea for you to make sure that it is cool and comfortable during the day. This means that you should never leave your phone out in the open sun, as it might overheat and shut down. You should also never have your phone in a room, where there might be a very warm temperature, and you should never cover your phone’s with a pillow, duvet or similar for longer periods of time, as your phones might overheat. It is also very important that you keep your phone’s dry, so that it does not shut down from being damp in the electrical wirings. 

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