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Tips to help you survive road trips with toddlers

survive road trips

Are you looking to have a road trip with your child? Do you find having road trips with toddlers to be stressful? Well, here is an article for you. Experts from are going to give you tips that will help you manage your toddler throughout the entire road trip. The tips will ensure you have a perfect road trip each time.


Prepare for your trip to Cupertino apartments for rent days or weeks before the actual day. Make a list that will include all the necessities for the trip. Include the clothes, schedules, annual week log, and foodstuff. Make sure you tick everything as you pack it to avoid leaving something behind. To make the process easier, make the planning phase a family task.  visit here

  • Divide the tasks amongst the family member

A trip requires a lot of planning. The tasks are endless, and laying all that on to one family member can overwhelm them. Therefore splitting the tasks and giving each family member a task makes the whole process a lot easier to manage. Chances of forgetting something are minimized too.

  • pre-ship the baby supplies

Shipping this supplies to the location beforehand saves you a lot of trunk space. Time which you could have spent packing is minimized. Inform the people in the hotel about your pre-sent shipping to avoid confusion and misplaced goods.

  • The little things that matter

Some little things may seem unnecessary, but they are crucial. Take, for instance, baby wipes, they seem unnecessary but they are very crucial. Water bottles for your kids, snacks (avoid sticky snacks). 

  • Kids packing list
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The kids can make their own fun weekend packing list. Of course, they will have to take it through you for vetting to ensure they pack only the necessary stuff. Such practices will help mold their responsibility capability at a young age.

  • Laundry basket packing

Laundry basket saves you the hustle of digging into your suitcase during the trip or on arrival. All you need to do is pack stuff that you may need in such instances in the laundry basket. It saves you time and energy.

  • Carsickness readiness

Taking long trips is prone to cause carsickness. You, therefore, have to be prepared to deal with such events. 

  • Eat on the go!

Long trips cause boredom, to deal with boredom, the kids will tend to eat their snacks during the trip. You should also consider stopping to have at least a single meal. Make sure the meal is brief.

  • Homemade snacks for the trip 

Instead of buying all the snacks from the supermarket, why not try to make your snacks. The homemade snacks are not just healthier but also sufficient for everyone. They are also cheap.

  • Introduce podcasts 

Find a podcast that is best suited for your kids and put it on. The podcast will keep them occupied throughout the journey. There are also many interesting psychology topics to talk about


Road trips with kids can be quite a hassle. It can, however, be made bearable by applying all the tips offered in this article. You never have to struggle through road trips again.

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