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Tips To Make You A Better Tennis Player


Tennis basics may be difficult for you to master, so check out these quick tips to improve your game. It’s important to remember that playing a tennis stroke isn’t 100% accurate, but these tips offer a few fundamentals in order to help you improve. We have all the details you need for free tennis picks and tips to make yourself an even better player.

1• Daily practice

Players who were able to reach the top have gone through years of training with the help of some of the best coaches. One week, you may play well, and the next, horribly, for no apparent reason. This is normal and not to be discouraged by! Just keep playing and eventually everything will work out.

2•  Pull back on your serve speed

Tennis serves are considered the most important shot, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend all your energy hitting on the ball. We say that amateurs attempt to hit the serve with as much velocity as possible. 

Professionals, however, focus on 80 percent of the server’s speed and placement. Then they will set up their first attempt. Amateurs should focus on accuracy during serve set ups, considering any additional speed and spin as bonus features.

3•  Improve your stamina

The speed you possess on the court doesn’t matter if you’re fatigued after just a few games. An aerobic workout can help you stay fit on the court. Playing tennis more or taking the time to do other sports could give you this benefit.

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4• Take one point at a time

Ignore what has gone before, especially if you have lost the previous point, and focus only on the point that you are playing now. It is nonsensical to get angry or frustrated. Doing so can often lead to someone becoming so upset that they fail altogether – this is known as ’tilt’, and it is a common term in a variety of sports when emotion gets the best of us.

5• Watch the ball

One of the best things you can do to improve your serve is to look at the ball rather than the spot in which you hope it will land. Rookies are always looking where they want the ball to go on the court when they serve, but they should be keeping their eye on the ball when it bounces onto their racket. From the serve toss to a rally, you can control the match if you watch the ball closely. 

6• Try to identify opponent’s weaknesses and hit there

The warm-up before each match lasts for five minutes. While there is time to prepare to play (of course), make sure to test your opponent by hitting backhands and forehands to find out what they are best or worst at returning. You can strategize how to play to their strengths and weaknesses. 

To accomplish this, you have two options: “Either attack their weakness right off the bat, or make them use their strengths to expose their weakness at the same time.” One example is hitting forehands on a player with a poor backhand early in the game. Once their backhand opens up, they’ll try hiding their weakness, but you switch.

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Despite the fact that there are so many tips that can help you to become a better tennis player, it is impossible to list all of them in this article. As you have read, all of the tips that we mentioned above are basic tips to make you a better tennis player. We’d love to hear from you if you have any other tips. 

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