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Top Facebook Tips And Tricks | Facebook Hacks Tricks

Top Facebook Tips And Tricks

Top Facebook Tips And Tricks | Facebook Hacks Tricks

Facebook Tips And Tricks – If you are looking for Facebook Tips And Tricks then we will show you top facebook hacks trickswhich are useful to us. So you can get an idea about fb tricks.

Facebook is only the platform for everyone in this world where you can share your opinions, articles, views & many more. Nowadays, you can not only have an option of sharing your views but also make a money. But in this post we are going to talk about some facebook tips and tricks 

Facebook Tips And Tricks

So here are Top 5 facebook tips and tricks which everyone should know, 

1. Remove Your Last Name from your facebook profile

So this is the first trick where we will show you to how to  remove last name from facebok profile. This is the facebook hacks tricks where you can remove your last name or sir name from facebook. For example if my facebook profile name is ‘Krishna Sharma’ so in this case I can remove my sir name and make my profile name only as ‘Krishna’. facebook tips and tricks.

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By default, While signing up Facebook requires every user to submit their first name & last name but now you can remove your last name.So for that after creating your facebook account you can skip this process. So only your first name displays on your profile and in whole Facebook.facebook tips and tricks.
So for that you should have to Go to “Settings” of your Facebook & Go on “Language for buttons, titles and other text from Facebook on this device” here choose “Bahasa Indonesian and save.facebook tips and tricks.

Wait for some time and after some time Chrome or any browser automatically translate that page to English.Now go to “Settings” & Then go to “Personal information”. Here it will show a Name Option. Now you can delete your last name and confirm to the the changes.facebook tips and tricks.

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Facebook Tips And Tricks

2. Snooze Friends in Your Wall Who Post Too Much

So this is another Facebook Tips And Tricks. You can see that there are some that types of friends in our facebook who used to post updates in random manner. So such random post may disturb to you. So this is another Facebook Tips  And Tricks which will help you to mute the notifications from your friends or from those friend to whom you want to mute. 
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So to mute your friend’s post or the post updates done by your friend without unfriending them, tab on that post option (3 dot option) and Choose “Hide all from ………..” facebook tips and tricks.
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Facebook Tips And Tricks

3. Fb Stylish Name Trick

So this is another facebook tips and tricks through this method you can post a text or written post in Stylish text or using fancy text. This is another facebook tips and tricks where you can Use it to write post titles, short blurbs, or make words outstanding to see. so for this facebook tips and tricks go to to change your text font into beautiful & attractive fancy font. facebook tips and tricks.
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Facebook Tips And Tricks

4. Facebook Townhall

So guys this is another important facebook tips and tricks where if you would like to get in touch with local politics, then this hacks helps you to follow your local representatives government services by visiting at your Facebook Townhall.


Facebook Tips And Tricks

5. Download your Facebook Data

Maybe you don’t know about the reality of Facebook. Do you Know that Facebook is being storing your every post data, messages, Photos that you’ve uploaded or shared, Comments you had done, Messages you have Sent & Received, Post you had done like or reacted, Your Followers & to whom you are following. So due to this features you can Download Your Facebook Data. This is another facebook tips and tricks.
To Download Your Facebook Data, Go to “Settings”
In “Settings” tab on “Facebook Information”
Now here is an Option of “Download Your Information”.
So this is the Way to Download Your Facebook Data
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Facebook Tips And Tricks

So this are the top 5 facebook tips and tricks which everyone should know. I hope you like this post. if you like this post, then please help us by sharing this post to your friends & families. so we will come back in next post till then stay happy & healthy.
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