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The most important success factor in business

success factor in business

Today let’s talk about the most important success factor in business. So, the most important success factor in business is determination. It is a basic quality that an entrepreneur must-have. 

I’ve said before that why would you need anything else if you don’t have the determination, the ability to make decisions, and of course, to follow them. Some may argue exactly what to mean by that word, but I mean it all together. If you like, I could call it something else: a willingness to act.  Whatever you want to call it, I think it’s the most important factor for business success, and in life in general. You can know a lot of things, you can know even more, but if you don’t make a decision, if you’re not ready to act – no business will work out for you. Or if you don’t have a firm resolve to follow your personal decision. The main thing is to start and do. And if you don’t decide to do it, you’re not going to succeed in business, right?

How does the main factor of success in business work?

Firstly, we have to understand that it consists of two parts that are interdependent from each other:


  • Decision Making
  • Implementation of the decision

It seems simple. But in fact, not everyone fully understands it, honestly. I know people (and I am sure you do too) who seem to start exercising on Monday, quit their job next month and go into business for themselves, start eating right next week… and so on. You get the hint. And they think they’ve made that decision. Expressing your intentions or sharing your plans is one thing. Making a decision is another. Just because you intend something, or plan something, or share something, even if you want to, doesn’t mean you’ve made a decision! Can you feel the difference?

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The success factor in the business we’re talking about is exactly making a decision! And follow it! Implement it step by step. Do it, if you want to. This is the second part of this very success factor, as you have understood. And, of course, without each other, they are unrealistic, unrealizable.

Sometimes there is a situation when a decision is made but not realized. Not meeting the plan – that’s what we talked about. But it also happens the other way around. The person does something, tries to do it, he works. But he hasn’t made a decision. He seems to have started his own small business, but… And what happens? After a week he gets bored, loses interest, something does not work out, factoring double time wages for holiday paystubs, and then he gives up. He did not decide in advance that this was what he was going to do and that he needed it. Some people will be lucky enough to make this very decision in the process. But most won’t. Fact.

I hope you know what I want to say … And I want to say that there are two wrong ways to manipulate what we call the “main factor of business success”. Here they are:


  • Making a decision and not implementing it.
  • Doing something without making a firm decision in advance that it is needed.


Accordingly, the most important success factor in business works like this:


You first make a confident, informed, and firm decision, and then you persistently and disciplined implement it. And it would be very simple if there weren’t four words: “confident,” “reasoned,” “disciplined,” and “persistent. These are the ones that many people miss in understanding what the most important success factor in business is (pardon the slight irony). I hope it has become clearer.

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I know it’s probably a hackneyed topic, discussed by everyone everywhere, but I think it’s very important. I think there are a lot of people who lack a real understanding of what success in their own business depends on. 


So, the most important factor for success in business, friends, is to make a decision and act. Everything else will help. Something strong, something stronger, something less… And just, if you don’t know how (or don’t want) to make decisions, don’t even dare think about business.

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