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Biking in San Francisco this Summer, 2022


For both residents and out-of-towners, San Francisco is a great place for bikers. The energy of the city alone is enough to recommend the destination to those who love getting around on two wheels, but there is also an active bike culture that places a priority on bike lanes and safety issues. Plus, the sights are unmatched with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Telegraph Hill, the Painted Ladies near Alamo Park and Golden Gate Park, to name just a few.

The city’s many nice parks near the water make for relaxing excursions. If you have trouble finding a bike that fits, cruiser bikes for big and tall guys might be just what you need. A beach cruiser offers a solid and stable frame, an ergonomic design and unparalleled comfort. They aren’t built for speed, but they are ideal for enjoying many of the area’s best beaches:

  • Crissy Field East Beach
  • South Beach Park
  • Nearby Paradise Beach County Park in Tiburon
  • Baker Beach

Get Ready for Those Historic Hills

The famous hills of San Francisco are not necessarily bike-friendly. They are super steep, but fortunately, it is fairly easy to bike around the edges of the city and avoid the steepest hills. If you do desire a challenge, a pedal forward electric bike might be the best way to tackle these notorious hills. After all, you don’t want to miss out on such iconic landmarks as Lombardo Street, Nob Hill and Twin Peaks.

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The Every Journey 500W bike is a good choice for hills, offering substantial power to bring you to the best places for panoramic views. The women’s model has an easy on and off step-through frame and is known for its riding comfort. The electric motor can be just what you need to get you up a steep hill without causing you to break out in a serious sweat. If you crave some exercise, you can always use full manual until you are ready to take it easy and switch to pedal-assist or fully electric mode.

Get Out and Enjoy the Nice Cycling Weather

While much of the western U.S. can swelter in the summer, this isn’t typically true of San Francisco. The temperatures tend to be just about perfect in the summer months, though you might have to contend with the famous fog from time to time. With the right bike, the city has some excellent biking routes whether you are exploring a neighborhood, visiting a tourist attraction or riding over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito.

For impressive versatility, the Every Journey bike has a long list of advantages and valuable features. This hybrid cruiser will provide good transportation and fun in many situations. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it maneuverable and it is available in a choice of gear options and attractive colors. The bike looks good but it always provides solid performance for bikers looking for a stable and cushioned ride.

With so many models to choose from, you can easily find the right bike this summer. Now is a great time to look at new and innovative bikes for sale.

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