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The football team who inspired Real Madrid and Corinthians

During recent years, Sport Club Corintians Paulista from Brazil has been one of the most successful squads in this part of the world. However, there was another team with the same name that inspired many other squads throughout Earth. It is possible to watch today football match live score – 1xBet features an excellent selection of events of this discipline.

The team in question is Corinthian F.C. Obviously, it is a completely different squad from the Brazilian one. This team comes from England, and it has inspired many other teams around the world due to its values. These teams include:

  • Corinthians from Brazil;
  • Zejtun Corinthians from Malta;
  • and even Real Madrid from Spain.

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Values promoted by the club

Corinthian F.C. existed between 1882 and 1939. During their existence, they promoted what was called the Corinthian Spirit. In general, they stated that aspects like sportsmanship, fair play, and also playing football due to the love that people may have for the sport are important aspects. The website can be used to wager on all kinds of kabaddi events as well.

In fact, the team had a curious stance in penalties. They claimed that they would never make an intentional foul against an opposing player. For this reason, they stated that their goalkeepers would allow opponents to score goals if they had penalties against them.

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On the other hand, if penalties were signaled for Coritnhian, the player would intentionally throw it out. The 1xBet online bookmaker can also be used to wager on penalties and other occurrences that happen in football matches.

Defeating giants

There have been many honors that Corinthian F.C. obtained during their existence. They won some minor leagues in England. However, they also have an honor that is unlikely to be repeated again anytime soon. The website can be used to wager on basketball matches and also on football matches with one-sided results.

Specifically, the Corinthian team is the squad that gave Manchester United their biggest defeat ever. This happened in 1904, and the final score was 11-3. While the Red Devils have struggled after Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, it is unlikely that something like this will be repeated anytime soon. Other great matches played in England can always be wagered through the 1xBet online bookmaker.

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