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What is VPN? How To Use VPN In Mobile For Free? – All About VPN

VPN In Mobile

What is VPN? How To Use VPN In Mobile For Free? – All About VPN

In modern time there are a lot of website in the internet which are blocked in many countries with different reasons. So in this case we can’t visit that blocked website from our Mobile phones. To access a blocked website is not an easy tasks. If you want to access those block websites which are blocked in your country, so how can you use those websites? So for that You can use VPN, through VPN you can easily access any blocked website using VPN. So in this post, I will tell you about Virtual Private Network  How can you change your IP address and easily access any blocked sites in your Territory or Country.

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Introduction To VPN | what is vpn how does it work

 What is VPN?
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VPN means virtual private network, it is a private network which allows any user to access this network anywhere and anytime in the world, for this you need an ip address and from the network company  Login provides user name and password with the help of which you can access this network from anywhere in the world.
what is vpn in android
The use of VPN network is mostly used in big company websites (companies), education institutions websites, goverment websites, etc., because these sites contain very important data that hackers can steal, so vpn is used.  It is known that VPN sends secret data of any system in the Internet, so that no hacker knows how the data has been sent and it is safe and secure.
what is vpn how does it work
You can get VPN network for free or you can buy this network by paying money, if you use a free VPN, then it has some disadvantages, and if you buy a Premium VPN then you will get many features.

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FREE VPN | what is vpn how does it work

Advantages of Free VPN

In free VPN   You don’t need to pay money to use it. So you can use whatever feature you get in it for free. Also through free vpn you can access any block website.

Disdvantages of Free VPN

In Free VPN you will have AIDS shows in free VPN or you can use only a limited bandwidth and limited speed only. If your data is highly confidential, then it is not right to use free VPN because the company providing free VPN can share your data with other people for their profit.

what is vpn in android


 Advantages of Using Paid VPN

In paid VPN your data get proper protected or your data remains safe. Also paid VPN service company does not share any of your data with anyone. So it is more secure than Free Plan. In Premium VPN service you will get many more with unlimited bandwidth
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By the way, you can use VPN manually in a computer, but for that you will need an IP address and user name and password that you will get for free in the internet or you can buy it but here  I will tell you the best way how you are provided by a free VPN which is provided by opera company which is absolutely safe and best and absolutely free.
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