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6 Things You Can Do On Your Guys’ Getaway To Geneva

Getaway To Geneva

Nobody needs an introduction to the beautiful Swiss city of Geneva. The hub of the UN’s Red Cross and the UN Headquarters itself, Geneva is the place for political and diplomatic relations. Geneva also offers its tourists a beautiful view of the Mont Blanc and the Swiss Alps. In 2018, around 3.2 million visitors stayed overnight here, a 5.8% increase from the number of tourists in 2017. If you are planning to visit here with your guy gang, there are lots of fun things for all of you to do. Here is a list of some cool and unusual things to experience so that your trip remains even more memorable.- Getaway To Geneva


  1. Lake Cruise

Is it even a vacation to Geneva if you all don’t go on a cruise? Geneva Lake is a beautiful placid lake with crystal-clear water. It is surrounded by grand mansions and buildings. Remember, the name of the lake is Geneva Lake, and the locality is known as Lake Geneva. 

A typical Geneva Lake cruise will give you the ultimate feel during sunset. After sundown, the cruise ship will be stocked with exotic cocktails and drinks so that you and your men can have a fun night playing drinking games! 


  1. Thumbs Up bar- Getaway To Geneva

Geneva has uncountable stylish bars, but Thumbs Up is one of the most well-known ones. Located in Broad Street, this bar is filled with life and fun. There are regular karaoke nights and activities like movie nights, ladies’ night, and many special offers. You can even play games like pool, darts, or beer pong. 

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A dance floor is also there for the ones who love to show off some moves and let their hair down for the night. The best part is that the drinks are relatively cheap and the staff is amiable and laid-back. So if you wish to go bar hopping, this place should be on your list. And, after drinking, if you want to indulge in some leisure activities, then you can do that also. 


  1. Golfing
    If you or anyone else in your gang loves to play golf, Lake Geneva is ideal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a beginner or a pro player, it doesn’t matter. No trip to Lake Geneva can be complete without playing a round or two of golf. Lake Geneva has nearly 11 golf courses and was named as the top golf destination in the country.

There are also indoor golf simulators as well as mini-golf courses for beginners. Majestic Oaks is a very famous golf course with 250 acres of sprawling green fields, and trees lined all along the course. You can simply rent a cart and start hitting your way on the field!


  1. Hogs and Kisses

If you like to experience a cool nightclub, Hogs, And Kisses is a great choice. This is Lake Geneva’s Saturday night hotspot as dozens of people come here to party and relax for the weekend. This is a funky little place located at Broad Street and serves basic food like sandwiches and burgers before sundown. 

After sunset, the real vibe of the place can be felt as the DJs turn the music up and people get busy drinking and doing fireball shots. From guys enjoying their bachelor parties to women celebrating, Hogs And Kisses is a fun nightclub that’s guaranteed to make you dance. 

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  1. Exotic services

Almost any guys’ getaway trip has to have some of the other exotic services on the bucket list. While these services aren’t that hard to find, you should always be careful before booking or making payments. You can look up online for any established agency in Geneva that deals with such services and choose accordingly. There are innumerable women to choose from, and almost any of them are sure to make your night a wild one. P.S. make sure to have a look at this article before you spend your special night!


  1. Spa day

After a day or two of intense activities and fun, it might be a good idea to relax a little and have a spa day. Calladora Spa is a renowned place for giving you the best kind of rest and rejuvenation. It offers dozens of different packages of facials, massages, and other activities. The most famous is the Calladora 50-minute massage, which involves pressure rubs to lessen stiffness and sore muscles.


Having a fun guys’ getaway trip to Geneva can be really relaxing and exciting. However, make sure you plan everything to avoid any last-minute problems. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the trip to the fullest!


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