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5 reasons why should you visit Rajkot?


There are many places that are yet to be explored in Rajkot and a lot of things that are unknown and found that there is still a lot to do and see while you are there. To ensure you have a ball while visiting this jewel of a city, we put together a list of things to do.


Why should you visit Rajkot?

  1. Flying kites during Uttarayan


The Uttarayan festival, typically a Gujarati event, is the most vibrant time of year in Rajkot. Every year in January, Rajkot celebrates this holiday, which causes practically all regular routines and activities to come to a complete halt as kites of all different colours, forms, and sizes fill the sky. 

Uttarayan offers many enjoyable activities and breathtaking landscapes that you will never forget throughout the day. People travel from all over the country to enjoy Uttarayan. People visit Rajkot for Uttarayan and then book taxis from Rajkot to Ahmedabad to return home.


2. Enjoy Delectable Desi Gujarati Cuisine

Everyone who visits or resides in Rajkot has a common interest in eating. The city of Rajkot will embrace you with open arms if you love the cuisine and provide you with multiple food options. Rajkot has a thriving street food culture and good hygienic conditions.

Don’t forget to visit Rasikbhai Chevdawala (renowned for its delectable sweets, particularly pendas or pedas), Jaysiyaram Pendawala, famous for its mouth-watering sweets, and Mayur Bhajiya is famous for its hot piping varieties of bhajjis.


3. Experience Thrill and Adventure at Fun World

Visit Fun World, a well-known and sizable amusement complex at Race Course Ground. Fun World, situated on 5 acres of open space, was the first of its sort when it opened in 1990. From thrilling attractions like the roller coasters Harakiri and Sky Train, where shouts and exhilaration are both limitless, to rides like the Raging Bull, which demands genuine grit to hold on to, and Horror House, where your fear factor is put to the test.

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4. Rajkot ISKCON Temple

India is known as a country with great religious diversity, and Rajkot will show you what true religious diversity looks like. The city will redefine religious harmony for you because it has many holy locations. Don’t forget to stop at the Shastri Nagar Gurudwara, the Kalawad Road Prem Mandir Church, the ISKCON Temple, and the Hazrat Gebanshah Pir Dargah near the Railway Station (Junction).


5. Museums


Rajkot has a few locations and buildings that can appeal to the traveller, especially if you love history. Museums in Rajkot give you a better understanding of their culture and lifestyle.


Don’t miss the Watson Museum, which houses antiques and artefacts that speak volumes about history. Alfred High School was renamed Mohandas Karamchand Vidyalaya because Mahatma Gandhi attended this institution. Rotary Midtown Dolls Museum, a unique museum devoted to dolls from all over the world, and Kaba Gandhi No Delo (childhood home of Mahatma Gandhi in Rajkot). Visit all these places by renting a car in Rajkot. 


Final take 

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