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360 Tours and More: Exploring Room Planner

Room Planner

There’s no denying the truth that everyone in sales is too well aware of: presentation is key. It is especially true when it comes to interior design. Seeing a flat photo of a potential new home is very unlikely to get a customer interested, not to mention a black-and-white drawing, no matter how informative it can be. A 3D tour, however, can sparkle interest in just a few seconds on a Room Planner.

This article answers the question you’ve wanted to ask as an interior designer, a real estate agent, or someone on the journey to creating the perfect interior for their own home. Stick around to find out:

  • why quality visualization matters at every stage;
  • how you can use a room designing app for effortless 3D tours;
  • how 4k pictures can enhance your presentation;
  • how to turn a floor plan into a full-fledged early tour with Room Planner.

Why Visualization Matters

The truth is that most people aren’t very good at spatial thinking. Not good enough to plan a room without really seeing how things align in terms of dimensions and shapes, to put it more accurately. That’s the primary reason why you absolutely need a floor plan when:

  • designing an interior;
  • picking the best possible home to fit your customer’s needs;
  • deciding whether this or that living space is right for you.


Imagining things becomes even more difficult when color and texture come into play along with geometry. That’s why an early tour is a must if you want your customers to really get the feel of the house or apartment that you are offering them.

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Planning Your Space

Typically, you start from a flat black-and-white drawing when it comes to planning. Room Planner is a very intuitive, easy-to-master, and all-in-one app that lets you turn that into something bigger.


Start by entering the dimensions of your room and manipulating the shapes you see in 2D, imitating the actual layout. You can then fill the interior with color by adding finishing and even furnish it. What you get is a set of jaw-dropping 4k images. These have every chance of kindling a customer’s imagination, not to mention a real walk through the beautiful rooms.

Follow the order

To make it more comfortable to choose the variations of what you need when planning the space, use the following order: 

  1. Background space – basic elements of layout, like walls or ceiling, which serve as a background for everything else placed in the premise. The design of these elements often determines the choice of all the other pieces of your future design. 
  2. Midground things – include large furniture, carpets, and other big elements which are usually interdependent in terms of placement. This layer of your design should be well-thought-out, as all these pieces of the design are constant in their position and should be comfortable to use.
  3. Foreground items – easily replaceable and decorative items, which create this very special atmosphere of someone’s specific taste. Flower pots, wall pictures, statuettes, pillows, etc. – all play a mostly decorative role to add a homely touch, so they should be considered last. 

This order will help you save time on your planning and create a more considered design.  Using the order above allows you to implement some composition rules in your design. It helps you again to make it more stylish as well as more practical. 

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How to Create a 360 Tour

Early tours are a piece of cake with Room Planner. You simply turn what you have in 2D into a 3D picture, in which the application does all the work for you. Press the 3D button and enjoy the realistic feel of your latest project that you’re so proud of, walking the impeccable floor and glancing around to take in all the incredible details.

Add a New Dimension to Your Interiors

Whenever you need to add visibility to your ideas, Room Planner is a great choice. With its easy-to-do floor plans that evolve so smoothly into 3D tours, it will win the heart of the most demanding customer. Don’t miss the opportunity to download the app and try the built-in online course for inspiration and mastery.

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