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This combo of hacks can help you big time in battlefield 2042

big time in battlefield 2042

If you’re tired of playing your usual multiplayer games for the entire pandemic, your wait is about to get over. Battlefield 2042 is about to release in a few months, and we cannot control the excitement. With the release of every new game, a lot of new features get included in the update. Most players spend their time exploring these features once the game is released. But the real gamers do their research beforehand. If you’re one such gamer who cannot wait until the game’s release, here are some great combo of hacks that can help you big time in Battlefield 2042.

  • Use binoculars for spotting

If you have played other Battlefield games, you know to tag enemies with a button. You can do this with the help of a sniper scope. Through this activity, all your team members got aware of their positions, and you could develop your strategies based on that. But this easy way of spotting will not be possible in Battlefield 2042.

This time, you’ll have to use binoculars for spotting. You’ll have access to these binoculars only if you’re a Scout player. So, when you make your team, ensure there’s at least one Scout player so that it is easy for you to spot enemies.

There’s another twist here. You wouldn’t be able to tag your enemies if they go out of your sight. If they hide behind a wall or rock, they cant be tagged.

  • Squad up

Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer game, and there’s no way you can do it without your squad. This game emphasizes you to be a part of your squad. The significant benefits of doing so are that the team members can spawn upon one another. If you die, you become a spectator and have a watch on how your squad is fighting.

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Also, every squad member will be eligible to revive one another even if they belong to different classes.

  • You cannot stop building

This game will have eight multiplayer maps available at the time of launch. In Battlefield 2042, every player can build or demolish defenses at different points.

Once you have your hammer, the user interface will guide you if terrain can be built. To do this, you only need to hold down the build button.

The support class has double the building capacity of other game classes. So, you should always pick somebody from the support class in your squad. Do not try to build if the players are divided across the map. Instead, try building when most of your squad members are nearby so they can save you from any unpredicted shots while you’re busy building.

  • Take benefits of supply stations

There’s not much use of weapons when you spawn. If you start using them from the beginning of the game, you’ll run out very soon. To refill your guns, you’ll need help from supply stations. Make a check of the positions of supply stations from the beginning of each life. They supply you with more weapons than you already possess.

Further, there’s another difference in this game as compared to others. Health will not regenerate on its own like in previous games. You’ll need the help of a medic to help you with a health pack, or you can do this from the supply station.

BF2042 Aimbots

Apart from these, there are many other things that you must consider, like the Battlefield 2042 Aimbots, special guns and vehicles, crawling on the back, and a lot more. You’ll learn about all these new features once you start playing this game. Until then, use these tips and train your mind to get ready for the next battle.

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