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Discover What Exclusive Features a Web Builder Can Offer You

a Web Builder

With the number of active internet users increasing every year, most companies go online to promote their business. Most people are savvy about buying products or services online. They do extensive research about a product on websites and read the customers’ reviews before buying it. A survey conducted in 2019 revealed that over 75 percent of online shoppers determine the credibility of a product or service based on a website, with a unique domain, good design, useful content, and attractive logo. – a Web Builder

  A well-designed website helps a business develop by attracting and engaging visitors. If you are running a startup or small retail business, you need to create a website to promote your products or services. What a website can do depends on its functionality. It should offer the visitors easy navigation to find the information or product they seek. 

    Building your own website is easy today, for you don’t need a web developer and pay him or her upfront. An online website builder can help anyone with no technical skills to create a professional website. All you have to do is find a reliable web hosting service provider, who can offer you a monthly subscription plan from 3 months to 3 years at an affordable price.

With a website-building tool and an appropriate plan, you can have your business or e-commerce store launched online. A website creator offers several essential features, and some of the important ones are: 


  • You get to access numerous customizable professional templates- a Web Builder

A website builder features a drop-and-drag tool to help the users drag and drop the required elements on a webpage. For this, they don’t need any programming or coding knowledge or technical skills. The online platform offers an array of tailor-made templates that you can select the most appropriate template to edit and use on your webpage. You get numerous customizable templates to drag and drop anywhere on your webpage.

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 You can compare and choose a suitable plan offered by the best web hosting provider, who helps you decide with a 15-day free trial period. If you desire so, you can choose a one-time purchase plan with a website designing and hosting service. To build an e-commerce store, you can choose a basic plan or a one-time-purchase plan, which offers web designing and hosting. These subscription plans come with unlimited pages and email accounts. 


  1. E-commerce integration platform- a Web Builder

If you want to integrate e-commerce into your webpage, you can, with an all-in-one platform. The tool offers you several e-commerce builder functions like the product catalogue, built-in shopping cart, payment gateways, shipping, order and inventory management, new product add-ons, selling platforms, and social e-commerce. Nevertheless, you have access to all the above functions depending on the plan you subscribe to.

 If you want to have an e-commerce store designed separately for different countries or cities, you can, with extensions or plugins to add or change functions like placing advertisements, adding or removing products, setting multiple currencies, and payment gateways.

2. Mobile-friendly templates 

The professional templates are designed to conform to any smart device. This helps your customers to access your business website from any smart device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With this, you get more visitors to your website, which will improve your rankings on the search engines. 


3. Social media integration

You can market your products or service through social media channels by linking them on your webpage through a website builder using a social media integration tool. Thus, Internet users can find your website link on the Instagram or Facebook business page. A significant aspect of building a business page on Facebook is to gather enough broad knowledge for your content and designs. Thus, Internet users can find your website link on your Facebook business page, or even on Instagram.

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You can launch your startup business or e-commerce store successfully online by creating a website and growing your business quickly.

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