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Avoid These 6 Blunders When Shopping for Cannabis Seeds Online

Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana is becoming quite popular in most parts of the world. Most states have fully legalized its use, making it easier to buy or grow weed at home. Fortunately, you can now acquire cannabis products and seeds online. However, there are mistakes to avoid when shopping for weed products and seeds online.

Where can I buy weed seeds online?

Ordering cannabis seeds as a first-timer can be scary. Purchase from a trusted source, which ensures quality products, safety, and security. Search online and you’ll come across multiple legit vendors. For instance, Homegrown Cannabis Co. supplies hundreds of quality seeds. The site also offers growing tips, making it easier to choose the right strains.

There are also many other cannabis seed banks offering feminized, regular, and autoflowering seeds. If skeptical about online shopping, visit your local weed dispensary. The team will guide you in picking the best products and also how to grow healthy plants.

What should I consider when buying weed Cannabis Seeds?

If you plan to acquire cannabis seeds for home growth, there are various things to keep in mind. As a beginner, you want to avoid blunders to achieve the best yield. Here’s what to look out for;

  • Type of seeds

Lastly, there are different seed categories. The standard seed types are;




Feminized seeds are commonly used and mostly yield female plants. Autoflowers are also excellent choices and mature very fast. They are suitable for beginners and indoor growers with limited space. Avoid regular seeds; they are purely natural but have a low probability of generating female plants.

  • Seed quality

Choose seeds with good genes. If you choose sub-standard quality seeds, you may encounter hermaphrodites or sparsely grown plants. Also, failing at this stage leads to low quality, weak plants, and lower yields. Bad genes can also result in mutations, poor germination, and flowering disorders. For this reason, always buy from a reputable vendor.

  • Expected yield
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Some weed strains produce thick heads, but others have lower yields. For instance, Indica plants can yield twice more than Sativa genes and are favorite among commercial growers. However, if you’re growing cannabis for personal use, quality and high effect might be of more importance than quality.

  • Purpose of breeding

Marijuana is commonly used for recreational and medicinal purposes, and how you plan to use your products matters. If you’re a recreational user, strains high in THC are great. But for medicinal reasons, you need strains with lower levels of THC.

What are the mistakes to avoid when buying marijuana seeds online?

Technology makes it possible to acquire almost everything online. However, online shopping is risky, and you can easily fall for scams when buying weed products. Let’s familiarize ourselves with the common blunders to avoid when buying weed seeds online.

1. Not researching adequately

There are thousands of cannabis dispensaries online. You can now get your favorite weed products and seeds from the comfort of your home. However, this makes shopping harder! With the wide variety of products, choosing the best can be daunting.

It’s then prudent to do a proper background check on all products and cannabis sites before making purchases. If you don’t research, you may purchase from illegitimate suppliers or pick the wrong strains. On the other hand, if you research adequately, you’re likely to spot the best deals and acquire quality products for less.

2. Cannabis Seeds Ordering in bulk

There are various regulations concerning the possession of weed products, and there’s a limit to how much you can acquire. If you live in a state that prohibits the use of weed, never order in bulk. Doing this attracts unwarranted attention to your postal box.

But, if marijuana is legal in your state, you can order in bulk, but avoid shopping from one vendor. Your order may get lost, and you risk losing it all. Instead, request the supplier to send different parcels, which minimizes the risk of losing all your goods.

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3. Choosing regular weed seeds

There are different types of weed seeds and strains that you can acquire from online stores. The predominant categories are regular, feminized, and Auto flower seeds. With regular seeds, you can’t be sure whether your plants will be male or female. With male seeds, you can’t grow the seeds again, making it essential to choose female plants.

Feminized seeds are excellent choices for home growers. And guarantee a high percentage of female plants and better yields. Autoflowers are also popular. They are easy to grow and maintain and require less labor and resources. What’s more? They mature fast and will ensure a constant supply of weed, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

4. Not understanding the payment methods& the associated risks

Some weed seed sellers accept different payment modes, including credit and debit cards. These are connected to your bank account and reveal the seller’s name on your monthly report. It’s wise to avoid credit cards if your state bans the use and sale of cannabis products. Opt for vendors who accept PayPal and ensure that they are accredited.

5. Sharing new purchases on online circles

Some people boast or share their newest purchases on social media. And this is risky, especially if you live in a country that hasn’t fully legalized cannabis. This then makes it a criminal offense and can land you in a lot of trouble. Moreover, government officials can track your purchases. It’s then advisable to mask your purchasing history and keep it confidential.

6. Cannabis Seeds Shopping from illegitimate sites

There are various cannabis dispensaries and seed banks where you can acquire products, but not all are legitimate. Shopping from unaccredited sites leads to substandard products and poor quality seeds. Scrutinize the vendor thoroughly before purchasing. Read customer reviews, if any, and get to know about the quality of products dispensed.


The bottom line

You’ll come across a wide variety of cannabis seeds online, and a little research will go a long way. Also, don’t purchase from any vendor that you come across. Ascertain the legitimacy of the weed dispensary and acquire your seeds from reputed dealers. Most importantly, know your preferences, and avoid blunder during stain selection.



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