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6 Ways to Elevate The Intensity of Your High

Elevate The Intensity of Your High

Sometimes you prepare and clear your schedule in advance so that you can have enough time to enjoy your cannabis. Unfortunately, sometimes once you light up your weed, you realize that you are not experiencing the high you are used to getting. Cannabis is a powerful psychoactive plant. And although it is famous for its medicinal uses, many people also enjoy it for recreational purposes.

Getting an excellent high after a busy or hectic day is ideal. However, the effects that your marijuana has on you will not always be as potent as you expect them to be. This problem can occur due to several factors, for instance, buying a subpar stash of weed. High tolerance may be another reason you cannot obtain the high that you were previously getting. Luckily, there are various ways to intensify and elevate your high. Here are some of them.

1.Purchase the right strands

Whenever you buy your weed, you need to ensure that your source is good. Because cannabis is legal in many states, the best way to go about this is to buy your weed from reputable cannabis clubs or dispensaries such as i49. If there aren’t many places to purchase from, then ensure that you are familiar with the accessible strains to pick the best. Do some research on different strains and hybrids. Compare the unique effects of each strain and the dominant terpenes and cannabinoids in each of these.

It is the variation in these compounds that determine the level of high that your weed will contain. You could also try finding out the THC levels in your cannabis from the shop’s expert. This will aid you in finding the strain that gives you the effects that you desire.

2.Eat right

There are some accompaniments that, when taken with marijuana, boost its potency. For instance, having a cup of green tea or black coffee will help you experience the soothing effects of cannabinoids more. That is because these beverages contain catechin, an antioxidant that binds the CBI receptors inside your brain.

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Another superfood that possesses these properties is dark chocolate. When it has 70% and above cacao, it will act as an antioxidant and break down your anandamide, thus sustaining your high for a longer time.

Other types of food to take are those rich in omega-3 because they will synthesize your cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids. Foods such as nuts, broccoli, and mangoes contain myrcene, a type of terpenes. Lastly, try out thyme and sage as these herbs have pinene, a different kind of terpenes.

3.Store your cannabis well

Once you have bought your weed, do you leave it in its baggy or transfer it to a plastic container? If that is what you have been doing over the years, then it is time you change. Storing your high-quality marijuana grown from feminized seeds in a plastic container diminishes its potency. Plastics conduct electric charges, which fry the trichomes rich in THC.

To prevent this from happening, store your cannabis in a good glass or steel jar.

You can even find containers with built in controls or removable humidity packs. If these two options are unavailable, cure your weed by adding peels from citrus such as oranges and sealing them together with your cannabis for about 3 hours. It keeps your weed from losing its potency, becoming crumbly and becoming dry. Store your stash in a cool and dark place to preserve its quality.

4.Adjust your routine

You may have the best quality of weed but still, experience diminishing effects. When this is the case, you should look at your routine. Everything, when taken in excess, stops being profitable to your body. If you are taking too much marijuana, this could be the cause of your diminishing high. Too much cannabis increases your tolerance.

To cure this, try changing your routine. For instance, if you take your weed in the morning, begin to take it in the afternoon. The changes will surprise your brain receptors resulting in a more elevated high. If you smoke a lot at night, try reducing your dosage and begin smoking in the morning.

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5.Work out

When getting to the root of your diminished high, you should observe your general habits and gauge whether they are healthy. If not, you can make some changes in your diet to improve your situation. For instance, if you have excessive body fat, it could diminish your high as fats store THC and release it slowly. Working out will help you in maintaining your recommended amount of body fat.

Apart from improving your overall health, exercising will impact your brain in a similar way to cannabis. Lastly, consider switching your snacks for healthier versions. For example, if you like eating ice cream, you can replace it with dark chocolate.

6.Take a break to lower your tolerance levels

If these previous tips are not working for you, you might need to go on a tolerance break. When on this break, you should also try to understand why you feel compelled to take too much weed. For instance, taking too much cannabis will not help in solving emotional issues that you might have. Apart from that, it could be making your tolerance higher, thus reducing the quality of your high. Once you have settled that, you can proceed to your break.

Begin by going a few days without consuming cannabis and see if your high will become elevated. If this fails to work, you should consider taking a more extended break, like going without weed for a month. Although it may not be ideal, it will play a role in decreasing your tolerance levels. Once you go back to retaking your cannabis, you will experience a more prolonged and intense high.

By trying these tips, you will experience the quality high that you previously got from smoking your weed. Additionally, these tips will help you take a step back and take your marijuana more intentionally while observing self-control if you were overconsuming.

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