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5 Health Benefits of an Infrared Sauna Session

Infrared Sauna Session

After a long stressful week due to work, you may want to relax and take a breather by indulging in an activity that will take your mind off the edge. People have identified different ways to unwind after the week, such as picnicking and horse riding.  However, one activity that goes a long way when it comes to ultimate body relaxation is taking a sauna, moreso an infrared sauna session. 

Unlike traditional saunas that use heating elements to raise the air of the outside temperature, infrared saunas use infrared light to heat your body while the air surrounding you remains unchanged, leaving your body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.   

That said, here’s a breakdown of five health benefits you can expect from an infrared sauna in Las Vegas. If you need further information, you can see more at Sculpt Spa.

1. Improved Blood Circulation

One fundamental importance of an infrared sauna session is it improves one’s cardiovascular health. 

Doctors have discovered that infrared light increases nitric oxide production, a molecule necessary for healthy blood vessels. This molecule helps blood arteries relax and prevents blood clots, leading to clumping in blood vessels. 

Moreover, infrared light has been proven to fasten wound healing as well as stimulate injured tissue regeneration. 

2. Detox the Body 

We are surrounded by toxins every day. If it is not through the hormones in the food we consume, it is in the air that we breathe, but all this can be flushed out of our system with an infrared sauna session. 

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The heat produced during this session increases blood circulation, which in turn stimulates sweat glands to release all the toxins that have accumulated in the body but can’t be eliminated via the liver or bowel. 

3. Improves Sleeping Patterns 

Infrared saunas are generally relaxing, and every session consists of chromotherapy that offers excellent sleeping benefits. Taking infrared saunas regularly will eventually lead to the improvement of natural melatonin and other sleep-related hormones that improve sleeping patterns and help the body get better rest naturally. 

4. Enhances Immune System 

Did you know that each minute or hour you spend during your infrared sauna session increases your core temperature thus, triggering an artificial fever in your body? Feverish symptoms are your body’s natural response to strengthen your immunity.   

Boosted immunity, coupled with the toxin elimination through sweating, enhances your body’s overall health and disease resistance.   

5. Muscle Recovery Process 

As you work out, your muscles are subjected to harder work than usual which causes microscopic tears. These tears are responsible for inflammation in the muscles, leading to cramps, sensitivity, and soreness.

 Your body might take a while to heal naturally, but an infrared sauna session could be a faster and more effective way of dealing with this problem. 

An infrared sauna session will significantly enhance your muscle recovery process since blood circulation is increased and blood rich in oxygen is carried to the oxygen-depleted muscle. 

An Infrared Sauna in Las Vegas Is the Way to Go  

Infrared sauna sessions have now become a hot health trend offered in spas as well as gyms, primarily because of their benefits, as outlined in this column. If you intend to use an infrared sauna, you should speak to your health care provider, who can shed more light on how often you can follow this treatment. 

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