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5 youtube statistics every marketer should know in 2021


With the COVID pandemic affecting lives around the world, e-commerce has taken the center stage in the world of business. Most people have shifted their shopping preferences to the digital medium. In such a situation, video marketing has emerged as the most preferred form of brand advertisement. The videos give precise product descriptions and help potential customers take a call on whether to purchase a product.

It is estimated that by 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be dominated by videos.  In such a situation, jumping into the video bandwagon sooner will put you at a competitive advantage. While there are different mediums that you can leverage to share videos with your viewers, YouTube is the preferred choice. YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world and boasts over 2 billion active users.

Irrespective of the scale of your business and its genre, the appropriate use of YouTube will help to plan your marketing success. Considering that 90% of the digital users of the US have YouTube in their marketing strategy, there are high chances that your target group is active on the platform. With proper strategizing, you can leverage YouTube to get the maximum engagement on your videos. If you are still unsure on whether to opt for YouTube marketing, here are five facts that will help you make a call.

Video Gets Higher Conversions

Video helps to build a sense of trust among the audience and shows them a holistic picture of your business offering. When a potential customer sees a product in action, they are more likely to understand its utility. 70% of marketers feel that YouTube videos convert better than other mediums.

The beauty of YouTube is that you can post any form of video content. For example, you can create how-to videos that demonstrate the working of a product or its maintenance. YouTube marketing statistics show that explanatory videos increase conversions by over 20%. Understand that when a customer is into e-shopping, they do not have the luxury of touching a product by hand. In such a situation, a well-produced video helps give them a realistic feel of the item.

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YouTube Videos Improve Your Reach

An advantage of YouTube is that the videos that you post here can be shared on your product landing pages. Studies show that people spend a long time on a page with a video. The longer people spend on your landing page, the higher are the chances of them making a purchase.

Moreover, the Google algorithm ranks pages with videos higher than those without them. Thus, the ideal approach would be to first create a video for YouTube and then optimize it for SEO. Add closed captioning and subtitles to the video to make it discoverable by the search engine. Then identify keywords that are relevant to the video content and add that to the video description. You can also add keywords to the initial part of the video title.

Post the upload to YouTube, you can embed the video on your website or social media page. As YouTube is a product of Google, such videos get higher SERPs. Over time, this contributes to better organic traffic, and greater video views.

YouTube Brings Your Videos to The Spotlight

YouTube promotes authentic talent and helps individuals and brands grow. There are 38 million channels on the platform that produce billions of video content. Of that, only a few get viral. If you can create content that is in tune with the present situations, you stand a great chance to strike a chord with the audience. In multiple instances of the past, a single video had brought limelight on a brand.

In the recent past, HP had launched a festive video as a part of its Diwali campaign. As the video got viral on YouTube, the audience developed an emotional connection with the brand. The video won multiple accolades, and HP reported a boost to its sales.

The key to YouTube’s success is thinking out-of-the-box and coming up with ways to bring people together. With people being forced to maintain physical distancing with their peers, they are looking at video to connect. Brands that facilitate this will stand at an advantage in the competitive marketing world.

YouTube’s Helps You Come Off as Credible

The easy access to the internet has made people skeptical about their brand choices. Most people do not trust a brand easily. In such a situation, you can leverage YouTube to build your industry knowledge. Start by creating videos where you talk about industry-relevant subjects and break it down to layman understanding.

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You can also create videos to talk about your take on current affairs. Listicle videos are easily consumable content, and you can create such short YouTube videos to establish yourself as an industry veteran.

A look at the latest video marketing statistics would reveal that an average viewer spends 17.5 minutes daily on the platform. If your videos can have compelling visuals and thumbnails, you can lure viewers into watching the content. Going by the digital behavior of most online shoppers, once a brand wins its credibility, it results in recurrent sales.

Viewers Are Attentive on YouTube

The human mind prefers pictorial representation of concepts. This makes them more inclined to watch a video instead of reading texts. With YouTube available in 150 countries and over 75 languages, you can create content to leverage the attention. Studies have shown that people are more receptive to things that they learn by watching videos.

At the core of any marketing strategy, lies the idea of giving customers what they want. With YouTube, you communicate with viewers in a platform that they are comfortable in. This makes them more likely to listen to what you have to offer. Further, the videos that you create for YouTube can be incorporated into your promotional emails. This improves the reach of your video and gives you a better ROI.

YouTube is a dynamic platform, and its algorithm is continuously evolving. To stay ahead of the crowd, you must focus on creating authentic and engaging content. Adding transitions, special effects, and background music to your YouTube video helps to improve its production quality.

To make the most of your YouTube videos, try to use an external video editing tool and edit the clips to perfection. Well-edited videos stand a higher chance of being shared on YouTube and getting viral. While the above statistics prove that YouTube is a platform of immense possibilities, you need to understand that the video marketing journey of every brand is unique. It is your hard work and strategic video planning that will take your brand forward.

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