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6 Mistakes Not To Do in Mobile and Internet

The use of mobile and internet is increasing day by day. With the increase in the number of internet users worldwide we are making this world smaller. With the help of mobile and the internet, our day to activities is being much easy and convenient.
We use mobile and internet to perform our day to activities and to make our life much easier. Through mobile and the internet, we can do online shopping, meet with friends and families, buy, share and transfer the share, money and moments throughout the world. We can say that there are unlimited advantages and things that we can perform through mobile and internet. Be sure you are aware of 6 things not to do on mobile.
 Although we can make our life much easy and comfortable due to some mistakes in the mobile internet it may cause a great loss to you. There is one says in English, one mistake game over. So, there are some important things that we should not do on mobile and the internet. If you want to be safe from hackers, attackers, cybercrime and other mobile and internet problems which may cause great loss to you, you do not do some mistakes. Here we have explained about 6 mistakes not to do on mobile and the internet.
1.  Weak Password
The first mistake not to do in mobile and internet is to set a weak password for your online account. Many people have their online password related to his/her name. Must of the social account users are using the password as a name. For example, if the Name of the user is Rahul then the maximum people having this name are using the password related to his name, Rahul. It is also found that people are using the password as their phone number or mobile number. To use the password online for any social account related to the name and mobile number is treated as the weak password. Due to the weak security password of your online account hackers may hack your account easily. So, try to keep your social account password strong by adding the numbers, symbols, Uppercase, and lowercase in your password like @@star1.RahuL.shArm@ instead of rahulsharma.
  2 . step verification
With the increase in technology, the power and network of hackers are also increasing. In the world of the internet and technology, nothing is impossible and safe. So, only a strong password may not be the method to save your accounts from attackers. Many of the company like Facebook, Google gives the facility of the two-step verification to save your account from unauthorized access and log in. From the list of 6 mistakes not to do in mobile and internet, 2 step verification is one of them. To secure your accounts from the unknown device and from the unauthorized log in Google is providing two-factor authentication service. When the users enable this service in google then Google asks you to verify first to get login into the account although the user used correct details and password. When hackers hack your account and find your password in the time of logging into your account it asks the permission to verify with OTP or Confirmation code. The confirmation code is sent to the number through which you have created an account. The hackers are unable to access or use your account until they get the Verification code that is sent to you by Google.
3.  Use while charging
The most life-damaging things that many of us doing in our smartphones is the use of smartphones in charging mode. Many of us may have a habit of using smartphones while charging. If you are one of them then I suggest you to not to use your smartphones while charging. There are many disadvantages to using your mobile phone when it is plugged into the charger. The first thing that may happen while using in charging mode is that your phone may blast. The charging process creates heat and makes your smartphones warm. So, if you use this time the chances of blasting may get increases which may cause not only loss to your mobile phones but also to you. Similarly, the overuse of smartphones in charging mode may cause an electric shock to you. It is sure that the battery capacity gets down and battery performance gets decreases. Among 6 mistakes not to do in mobile and internet is to use your mobile phones while charging. So, if you want to be safe from the sock, phone damage and keep on battery performance then you have to stop the use of mobile phones while charging.
4.  Phone Security
Today’s world is based on cheating not in trust. So, we can’t trust fully in anyone. If you want to secure your activities on your mobile phones then you must use security methods. In the absence of security or lock method in your mobile phone one can easily access it. If you perform any online activities, transactions and use any banking and financing tools in your account then it is compulsory to use security on your mobile phone.
5.  Copyright Content
Another big mistake from the list of 6 mistakes not to do in mobile and internet is to upload copyright images and content on the internet. We all know that copyright is the right for the official owner of the content. To upload the content from other sites is may be treated as an illegal activity. Before uploading any content, it is necessary to check whether the content is copyright-free or not, if not then stop uploading it. 
Uploading copyright content without approval from the owner may create trouble in the future. So, before uploading any content and videos on the internet you must check it is labeled with “Creative Commons (CC)” or not. If you are using your own content, images and videos then you can process it. YouTube is a good example of a copyright content manager. If you upload any videos from other YouTube channel then YouTube rejects your uploads and mail you a copyright claim message.
You need to understand that the rules around internet censorship are debatable. This means that while torrenting is perfectly legal in some places, it is frowned upon in different countries. To know more about perfectly secure websites that you can use for downloading content from the internet, please visit this website.
6.  Allow App Permission
The 6 mistakes not to do in mobile and internet is to allow unwanted app permission. Many of smartphone users are doing a great mistake in smartphones. To allow the unwanted or now uses app permission to the apps in the time or after installing the apps is the big mistake that should not do by us. While installing any apps we have to provide permission by taping ‘NEXT’ ‘NEXT’ button on the screen. After allowing the different permission we can get an option of ‘INSTALL’. After that, we can the apps on our mobile phones. Allowing the app permission to access and use the features of the system is necessary but to allow the useless app permission may be disadvantages to you. We have to provide only the desired and required permission to the app. For example, for the Video player app, it is no need to provide your location permission, phone book permission, camera permission, etc. In my research to allow storage permission to find out the videos from the storage is enough for the offline video player. So, you have to check the permission that you have allowed in the apps installed on our mobile phones.
7.  Property
As a bonus from the list of 6 mistakes not to do in mobile and the internet is to copy the properties and use it. In the name of customization, we can find a lot of customization apps for our android smartphones. As just for appearance we can turn our android to iPhone using different iOS launchers and icon packs but do you think this is good? Obviously not. Copying the appearance and looks creates a bad image instead of good. Some people also used to add an iPhone logo sticker in the background of the mobile phone to show to the public and friends. This is all just for time loss and loss of quality of your device. So, in the middle of the public, you may treat an as a foolish guy. Therefore, to use other manufacturers’ property downvotes you instead of upvotes.
Here we have explained about 6 mistakes not to do in mobile and internet which may create a great bad effect on you. If you want to be safe from hacker then you must have to use a strong password in your online account. After strong password, an additional security layer that you need to use is 2 step verification. Using 2-factor authentication you can secure your account up to 99% (may not sure). If you want to save your phone battery from over draining and yourself from battery blast you have to end the use of smartphones while charging. If you have any sensitive content on your smartphone then you must use security on your mobile. Uploading copyright content is an illegal task so stop doing this. Never allow unnecessary app permission and use third-party software.
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