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What Type of Healthy Drinks Should You Stock in Your Vending Machines in Miami?

What Type of Healthy Drinks Should You Stock in Your Vending Machines in Miami

Has your diet-conscious clientele convinced you to find healthy drinks for vending machines within your premises?

You are not alone.

In the last few years, sodas and other carbonated drinks have lost popularity in our community. People are eager to adopt healthier and low-calorie options that keep them energized throughout the day. These habits require strategic changes and proactive placements for many businesses.

While cafés and canteens have adopted this trend with health-centric menus, smaller facilities and offices fall behind. The good news is that finding healthy vending machines can resolve your dilemma.

Not only do these miniature food stations require less space, but they also provide a wide variety of nutritious options. These traits make it feasible for local gyms, fitness centers, clinics, universities, motels, and offices to accommodate their health-focused consumers. If you belong to this category, you should start catering to your target audiences and employees’ eating habits.

This includes upgrading to healthy drinks for vending machines.

Here is a list of available options in the local vending market:

1. Water

An adult human body is60% water, though the percentage differs from person to person. Regardless of those factors, doctors advise people to drink an average of 8 glasses of water per day.

That makes the addition of bottled water and its sparkling varieties a no-brainer. It is also why nothing quenches your thirst better than good, old-fashioned water. Plus, it is an easily accessible beverage that contains zero chemicals, additives, and refined sugar.

2. Flavored Water

Flavored water is excellent for consumers who turn up their noses on regular water. Popular choices include water infused with cucumber, coconut, and citrus fruits (i.e. orange, grapefruit, and lemon, lime).

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These drinks strike a good balance between the water (aka H2O) composition and tasty ingredients. Like water, they don’t contain high levels of sugar, harmful chemicals, and additives. It is a bonus for Miami residents who are always looking for healthy alternatives to beat the scorching heat.

More importantly, the subtle flavor makes all the difference. Fruity water is refreshing, tasty, and all-natural. These plant-based concoctions encourage people to drink water regularly too.

3. Non-Carbonated Beverages


Everyone knows that sodas and fizzy drinks are bad for health. Yet, they have an irresistible taste that lures consumers. Subsequently, its presence inside the vending machine makes water and its infused-varieties unappealing.

Non-carbonated drinks become good health advocates during these situations. Like the last option, they pack a flavorsome punch without compromising on nutrition. Common choices range from fresh fruit drinks, smoothies, and non-carbonated iced tea.

Many brands ensure that these types of healthy drinks for vending machines contain fewer additives and no refined sugar. Additionally, many drinks will include minerals and multivitamins (i.e. Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B, etc.). These components provide it with higher nutritional value compared to its carbonated counterparts.

4. Protein Drinks and Recovery Drinks

Gyms and fitness centers can steer their members away from carbonated energy drinks via healthy protein drinks. These drinks are the perfect way for fitness enthusiasts and athletes to refuel their bodies after a strenuous workout.

With its help, they can:

  • Boost energy levels
  • Promote natural metabolism rates
  • Optimize healthy weight management and maintenance
  • Retain muscle volume while reducing extra body fat

Moreover, pairing protein shakes with a healthy snack curbs hunger pangs too. That means no impromptu snacking and unfavorable post-workout binging.

Pro-tip: You can collaborate with a local vendor to install vending machines Miami. Choose a supplier that caters to your diet-focused requirements.

5. Tea and Coffee

Sometimes taking the traditional route is not that bad. Everyone from college students, office workers, hospital staff to travelers need their caffeine fix. You can accommodate their needs with an assorted stock of beverages inside your onsite vending machine.

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Tea and coffee drinkers will appreciate the addition of caffeinated options from time to time.  It is especially true for people who need to shake off fatigue during a busy morning or need to beat the afternoon slump.

With these beverages, they can stay alert and active. It also helps busy bees power through the remainder of the day/shift to meet deadlines. You can also think of this as a lesser evil when you compare tea and coffee with other vending machine beverages.

6. Milk

Milk might seem like an odd choice, but hear us out.

Milk is by far the most fulfilling and nutritious type of healthy drink for vending machines. Moreover, the latest food trends have expanded its variety and flavor profile. That makes it a crowd-pleasing choice for many commercial spaces.

There are two types of milk you can choose for your monthly stock.  A common decision includesregular flavored milk (i.e. chocolate milk, banana milk, strawberry milk, etc.).Other businesses might preferthe addition of a non-dairy variety to expand their horizons.

Top non-dairy alternatives include:

  • Almond milk
  • Soy milk
  • Cashew milk
  • Oat Milk
  • Quinoa Milk
  • Rice Milk

Having a plant-based selection has multiple advantages. They accommodate people with dietary restrictions (like lactose-intolerance) and help others cut down their calorie count. As a result, you help your target audience to incorporate well-balanced and healthy drinks into their diet.

What Next?

Our list has given you a general idea of alternatives and substitutes available in the market. Use this information to research and customize your final selection.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Ask your employees and consumers for their recommendations.
  • Research the market to find out what type of healthy drinks for vending machines are trending these days.
  • Read product reviews and check labels to shortlist the best choices.
  • Run a poll to ensure the selected products (and flavors) that cater to your target audience.

Once you have completed these steps, look for local vendors that offer a healthy and nutritious vending machine products. They might already have the brands on your list or provide personalized services to meet your specific requirements.

Parting Words

In the end, finding healthy drinks for vending machines is easier than you think. We hope that our suggestions generate your interest in opting for healthy beverages. Remember to consider brands that provide higher nutritional value than traditional vending items.

Which one of these healthy drinks would you prefer?

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