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What is Simulated Reality League in Sports Betting?

Simulated Reality League

The online sports betting industry is constantly growing. With betting sites growing bigger these days and more and more punters joining in on the fun, bookies are under pressure to develop new exciting markets. They don’t always come with innovative ideas. However, live betting was a pure hit, and so was virtual sports betting. Now the industry has come up with a new idea called simulated reality league.

Premier League SRL cricket betting is available now at sites such as As the name implies, this market revolves around simulated matches, but it differs from virtual sports. With SRL, you can bet on your favorite sports even when there are no games around. These matches don’t involve official teams and players and are available all year round. That’s what makes it such a promising market to bet on, and if you’re willing to learn, it can be quite profitable too.

What Is Simulated League Reality Betting?

SRL is a simulated sporting event on any sport. It is most commonly used on cricket. It’s a produce that’s purely virtual, having no affiliation with real-life teams or players, even though it features popular names. However, the software aims to simulate real-life scenarios. It’s the perfect choice when the season’s done or you don’t want to wait weeks between games.

How does it work? The key word here is simulation. SRL is developed by software companies that use real-world data to create an algorithm that runs the games. Ever played Football Manager? You know how you can skip the games by running them over and just seeing the result? SRL is similar, although not a direct copy of that feature. Its goal is to create a virtual sporting event that comes as close as possible to a real-life match of cricket, football, or any other sport.

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In general, the company behind the software collects data from over 500 matches. That’s for player and team both. This includes personal stats, form, professional history, and other factors. All that data is then combined to factor into the virtual game, which pips one team over the other. Bookies then provide simulated odds on both teams, giving punters a chance to bet on the outcome. Of course, punters can also check out all the stats for the teams and players, which should hopefully give them a better idea of the teams’ chances.

What games and sports can you bet on? The most popular betting sites will offer betting on cricket SRL matches, football SRL events (La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, and more), and many other matches too. As long as the bookie has covered all the stats in a particular event and provides odds, you can bet on it with ease.

Most Popular SRL Simulated Reality League Markets to Bet On

There are almost as many SRL markets as there are on regular sporting events. For example, you can bet on pre-match odds, live bet on the matches on offer, bet on handicaps, goals, props, goal numbers, wickets, innings, and more. It all depends on what SRL event you bet on.

Since this is a relatively new way to bet, the pre-match market remains a favorite. You can bet on these games before they kick off and get the best early prices. This is also the simplest SRL market to bet on, excellent for beginners. Why delve deep into the more complex markets when you can bet on the winner right away?

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Live betting is popular for all sports, and SRL is no exception. There’s something truly special in placing live wagers on a simulated match. As mentioned earlier, bookies give detailed stats about the teams and players in action, making SRL matches a perfect opportunity for live betting. Football SRL matches last just as long as real-life matches, so you’ll have plenty of action to get the next red card or goal right. An additional plus is that these games are always streamed in real-time, allowing you to watch the action from your device.

Why Did SRL Betting Became so Popular?

Punters are always on the lookout for something entirely new. Cricket and football betting are great, but to be honest, sometimes the action is simply too stale. That’s where simulated reality leagues come in. You can bet on virtuals that are close to real-life events, but offer sort of an alternative timeline. They’re grown popular around the world because they feel surreal, but real enough to place a bet and get real money in return.

With all the regular fixed odds and live bets available on these matches, it didn’t take long for SRL to grow popular. Now available at the vast majority of betting sites, it’ll be even bigger during the summer. The lack of sporting events doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Join in on the SRL action and embrace the brave new era of virtuals.

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