7 Easy, Remodeling Tips for Small Spaces

Remodeling Tips for Small Spaces

Do you find yourself searching for a bathroom showroom Chesterfield and dreaming of a spruced up area? Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of space at home. A lot of people have to make do with small spaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your home beautiful! You need to achieve two things when renovating or redecorating a small space: you need to make it look bigger while being cute. It needs to have both function and form. If you’re aiming for these things as well, then look no further! Here are 7 easy renovation ideas for small spaces. Read on for remodeling tips for small spaces that will make your home feel larger while staying stylish!

Be resourceful.

Saving space is the goal. If your space is limited, then it’s essential to source pieces of furniture that either takes up very little space or offers multiple functions.

Consider wall fixtures such as shelves, which can be decorative storage. Just because you’re trying to save on space doesn’t mean you should forget style! Look for decorative yet functional pieces for your walls.

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors.

Mirrors are great for creating the illusion of a bigger room. You can opt to convert one wall into a mirror, making your space look larger than it actually is!

This is an old yet timeless trick. It adds a lot of personality to your place as well!

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Mount your TV.

Mount your TV.

Mounting your TV onto a wall will save so much space, and it makes your place look cleaner and sleeker! This applies to other appliances as well.

If you have a sound system, find a way to mount it too. Doing this will give you more floor space.

Create zones or areas.

Remodelling Tips

It helps to separate your sleeping area from the rest of the room. Even if you have a studio-type place with no partitions, hanging up a super high curtain will work wonders.

It will also help boost productivity. Having a separate work or study area will keep you focused and away from the temptations of your comfortable bed. As much as possible, work away from your sleeping area!

This is also a helpful tip to make you more comfortable with having guests over. You can have them visit your place without feeling like your private bedroom is being invaded!

Bigger but fewer furnishings are encouraged.

Now, you may think to buy small pieces to fit your small room, but the opposite is actually encouraged. A few large-scale pieces will make your place feel more cohesive and chic, rather than a random array of small furniture

You may feel the urge to push all your furniture against the wall, but allot some space behind it. It will give off the impression that it’s wider than it actually is.

Plan your space vertically.

What we mean by this is to think about the places above your pieces. The most under-utilised areas are above fixtures and pieces of furniture or even the ceiling!

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We recommend installing cabinets or shelves all the way up. It gives off the illusion that the place is higher and more extensive. 

Good lighting is everything.

A well-lit room works wonders. A big room with bad lighting is still a bad room.

Take note to install excellent lighting in the smaller areas, such as bathrooms. You can even opt to have more windows to encourage natural light!

Saving space doesn’t have to cramp your room’s style. Follow our seven easy renovation tips above and glam up your space! Do you have any other ideas that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments section!

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