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What is Android Operating System? All About What is Android OS

what is android os


What is Android Operating System? All About What is Android OS

What is android operating system – Android operating system is that OS developed by Google company for smartphones. what is android system & what is android os?

What is Android Operating System?

We use smartphones in our daily life. If you go throughout the world basically you saw a smartphone running Android. We all can give an answer of what is android system? Android is the most used and most popular operating system where more than 80% smartphones are run in this operating system. If we talk about, then we are also using smartphones running Android. Android smartphones become the popular operating system than other operating system like Windows, Linux, iOS etc. Android is the world’s most selling phone. It is in record that almost all mobile users use Android OS in their smartphones through which they can perform their tasks easily. What do you mean by open source software

what is android os
What is android operating system


What is Android Operating System?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google company which is designed primarily for smartphones, gadgets, watches, tablets and screen touch phones. Android is a modified version of Linux kernel and other different open source software. Android is also maintained by Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Android is made by modifying different open source software. Android is one of the most popular operating system in the world. What is the meaning of pop up camera? pop-up camera advantage and disadvantage

What is the meaning of OS in Android? What is Android Operating System?

The OS in Android means the Operating System used in mobile to run. OS in Android means the Operating System used in Android Smartphones to provide a working task in device.

History of Android | What is Android OS

The world’s most popular and most used operating system Android was founded by Andy Rubin in 2003. In 2005 august Google company acquired Android Incorporation. After that Andy Rubin was made as the Head of Android Development. Because of his love to robots’ coworkers gave a nickname as Android to Andy Rubin. Google company like the concept of Androidthrough which they can make a powerful and free OS. Android was officially launched by Google in 2007 where they Announce the development of Android OS. HTC is the first phone and mobile company who launched Android Mobile in the history of AndroidWhat is the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit processor

What is android operating system
What is android operating system


Features of Android or What does the Android operating system do?

What is Mobile OS? We all know about Android features which we used in our daily life. Android is the features full operating system where you can get a lot of new and cool features which will makes your life and helps to manage your time and makes you documents more secure. Androidis treated as one of the best platforms because of its features
1.  User Interface
Android provides a beautiful and easy interface which is easy to use and customize it. Due to easy to use features, Android can be used by any users in a simple way.
2.  Multi-tasking
Another best feature of Android is multi-tasking. Using android smartphones, you can perform a many task at a single time. You can play a game, music, download at a single time by minimizing the apps.
3.  Multi-Language
Android is the operating system which provides a multiple and a lot of language to mobile users. You can choose a different language as your choice and operate your mobile in your desired language. Android Operating system supports a different language of the world like Hindi, English, Telugu, Nepali and many more.
4.  Connectivity
In android you will get a lot of connectivity features. You can get a feature of WI-FI, Mobile Data, Hotspot, Cast and other many more features. By using this feature, you can connect your mobile to others networks and phones.
5.  Huge Applications

Android Operating System is only that operating system where you can get a Million of apps to use and download. You can download apps for any category for free using by default apps of Android, Play Store

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What is android operating system
What is android operating system of Google


Advantages of Using Android
Android is the world’s famous operating system where you can get a lot of features. The question for what is the advantages of Android can’t be given in one sentence. So, let’s see the advantages of using android and find why people prefer to use Android.
1.  Easy to use
Android operating system is easy to use. This operating system can be used by a new person having no proper knowledge to use Android. The user interface of Android is very simple and easy to use in comparison of other OS. Android is a handy Operating System which can be handled easily.
2.  Cheap & Fast
We all know that Android is a cheap operating system in comparison to Windows and iOS. This operating system is budget operating system because this operating system is easy to make.
3.  Application features
Android mobile is only the mobile which get millions of applications to download from play store. There is not a lot of Applications to download and to use for another operating system.
4.  Fast & Regular Updates
We all know that Android is providing a new feature to our mobile in a regular basis. Android provides a new update to our mobiles to make our mobile up-to-date.
5.  Performance
Nowadays Android Smartphone become a powerful machine which perform the task what computer perform. The capacity of Android is becoming more strength. So, this is why Android can do what Computer do. what is mobile os?
What is operating system and its types | What is meant by operating system
Versions of Android
Google has launched its Android Version up-to Android 10. Google launch Android version in different times with different names. Basically, Google name the Android version from the name of sweets and chocolate. Google is making new Android version in yearly basis.
List of Android Versions


4.0 & 4.0.5
Ice Cream
4.1 – 4.3
Jelly Bean
Kit Kat
5.0, 5.1
6.0 …
7.0, 7….
8.0, 8…

What is the purpose of Android OS?

Nowadays the use & the purpose of Android OS is not only limited in Smartphones. The use of Android OS is increasing in Automobiles, Watch and Digital Gadgets also.
Facts About Android
Here we have listed about some interesting facts of Android Operating System.
Because of his love to robots’ coworkers gave a nickname as Android to Andy Rubin.
HTC is the first phone and mobile company who launched Android Mobile in the history of Android.
Android name their android version as from Chocolate & Sweets. Like Ice cream sandwich, lollipop etc.
Google is making new Android version in yearly basis Like Android 9 in 2019, Android 10 in 2020.
All the versions of Android are named by Alphabetical Order Like Alpha, Beta, Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Kit Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie and Q.   
what is fastboot in Android
Fastboot in Android means the software recovery techniques used to restart the device in a fast and recovery way. The process of fastboot is just as like of reboot.
Difference Between Mi and Redmi | What Are The Difference Between Xiaomi Redmi and Mi
what is bluestacks app
Many people want to use Android Apps in their windows laptop and computer. So, for that they get an answer to use bluestacks in their computer to run Android Apps. So, people get confusion for what is bluestacks? Or what is bluestacks app player? In simple way we can say that bluestacks is an android emulator apps of computer and laptop which enables users to use any supported android apps in their computer as like in Android mobile.
what is miui
MIUI is a custom ui of Xiaomi Company which is used in Redmi & Mi series of Xiaomi smartphones. In MIUI we can get a lot of features that we can’t get in stock android.
what is emui
EMUI is a custom ui of Huawei Smartphones where we can get an additional app features as like in MIUI.
what is color os
ColorOS is a custom ui of Real Me devices. ColorOS is the custom ui or custom Android used in Real Me smartphones where we can get a different looks & features than Stock Android.
what is funtouch os
funtouch os is a custom ui or custom android of ASUS smartphones company which is used as an Android OS.
what is twrp
TWRP is a custom recovery software which is used to recover, modify & make any changes in system software. TWRP recovery is used in Android mobile to flash custom ROM & Root Android Device. TWRP features is used by a developer to make changes in the mobile system.
what is talkback
Talkback is an Accessibility features of Smartphones which is used to follow the command & instructions in screen. Basically, this feature is used by blind people & people having low sight capacity. One can enable & disable this feature in Accessibility Options.
what is android application
The applications and extra features used in Android phones is called android application. We ca find out more than 3 Million of Android Apps in play store to download & use it.
What is google play store app
Google play store app is the official app store of Android OS. In google play store app we can download secured & genuine apps to our device in different categories.
What is Android One Phone | What Is Android One UI
Does Samsung use Android OS?
Samsung Company use a Custom UI Android in their smartphones. In recent time Samsung use TouchWiz OS but now it uses a One UI OS.
What kind of operating system is Android?
Android is a free Linux based OS which was introduced in 2005. It is an Open Source Software. There are 4 types of Android OS software (Stock Android, Android One, Android GO & Custom UI).
What is the latest Android operating system?
The latest Android Operating System is Android 10 Namely called Android Q.
What is Kernel in OS | What is Kernel?


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