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Consumer Awareness | Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Consumer awareness: What is the meaning of consumer awareness, who is a consumer, consumer rights, consumer responsibilities, duties of consumer, consumer rights and responsibilities.

consumer awareness | consumer rights and responsibilities
who is a consumer
In the market and field of economics, it is compulsory to know all about consumer behaviour, consumer surplus, and all about consumer items and products. So, we all are living in this society therefore it is necessary to know and be informed about the meaning of consumer rights. It is one of the important factors where the buyer can make the right decision and make the right choice for the goods.
It is one of the important terms to know all about it. It is one of the basic and compulsory terms of economics which tells and informs all about the consumers thought and all the terms and problems related to the consumer in terms of buying the goods. It is one of the study of economics which makes clear all about the behaviour, taste and demand of consumer in the market structure. So, let’s make clear about the need for consumer rights and responsibilities.

Consumer awareness

It is an act of making sure about the information related to goods, products, services and consumer rights. It is the process of informing the buyer or consumer all about the products, commodities which they are willing to buy in the market. It is one of the first and foremost steps which will help to make clear about the products and helps to make the correct decision and right choice while affording the goods and services in the market.
In simple word, we can say that, it is the rights and responsibilities of every consumer which helps the consumer and buyer to make clear about the quality of goods, pricing of goods, ingredients of the goods and all the information related to the goods and services. So, it makes clear whether the consumer have to buy and consume that goods and services or not. This is one of the basic and most requirement steps in this time, because it helps to make and show out the clear details of the services and products which we want to get and apply in our daily basis. VISIT HERE

Meaning of consumer awareness

meaning of consumer awareness | consumer rights and responsibilities
consumer rights and responsibilities
Consumer awareness is the process of informing the consumer and buyers all about the products and services. It is an act of detailing and make an updating all the information about the products which help the consumer to be aware of such bad practices. This process involves educating the audience and buyer about the quality of the products and it is sure that this process will help to minimize the bad practice, Black marketer.
In today’s time the use of it is in forward because today’s people focus on quality rather than quantity. So, let’s know more about it.

Who is a consumer?

A consumer is a person or people who buy the goods and services for its own use. The people who buy the goods, products and services for own or household use, the use is fully based on self and not for sale and remanufacture. In simple word, A consumer is one that buys goods and services for consumption and easy for life but not for resale or commercial purpose. Any people or someone who has the right to take the decision whether or not to purchase the goods and products available in the market.
They are an individual who pays the marked amount for the thing required to consume goods and services. Consumers are also that people who can get influenced by marketing and advertisements shown in different forms of media. If we go to the market to buy Xiaomi Smartphones “Xiaomi Note 10” by viewing ads in any media then we are the consumer. All the consumer must be well known all about consumer awareness.


Consumer rights and responsibilities

For every consumer including we & us have some and certain rights and responsibilities all about the consumption of the goods and products. There are certain rights and duties to be seen in every field of life not only in terms of consumer. Both rights and duties (responsibilities) are the two equal sides of the coin. Therefore, we all need to know all about consumer rights and responsibilities.
Rights are just like the positive terms which describe the freedom and normal helpful including positive parts of any things. Rights are just like power, capacity and respect in any field. In another hand, Duties are the responsibilities and compulsory elements (task) to be performed for achieving that right. Responsibilities are also another complementary and inseparable components which are necessary to do after receiving the freedom and rights.



Consumer rights

The rights and freedom owned by every consumer to make a choice and demand of the goods and products available in the market is called consumer rights. So, let’s check out what consumer rights to be known by every consumer after making clear all about consumer awareness.
1.     Right to Safety
Right to safety is the first and foremost rights of every consumer (consumer rights). All the consumer must have provided with safe goods and products available in the market. Safety is the basic needs of every creature so right to safety should be available for every consumer while making consumption of those goods. The consumer must be protected from unhealthy, and harmful goods.
2.     Right to Choose
Every consumer must have the right to choose. They must have the freedom to make a choice while purchasing the goods and services. A consumer should not be forced to select the product.
3.     Right to be Informed
Right to be informed is also one of the basic requirements and rights of every consumer. All the consumer should be well known all about the goods and products details which they are willing to buy. A consumer should be clear about quality, quantity, ingredients and manufacture date of the products.
4.     Right to consumer education
All the consumer has the right to know all the information about the products and should be made well aware of the rights and responsibilities of the government. Consumer should not be deprived of consumer education.
          Other Points All About What Consumer Rights Should Be Needed
5.     Right to Redress
6.     Right to Satisfaction
7.     Right to a healthy environment
consumer rights and responsibilities | consumer movement
consumer rights and responsibilities



Consumer responsibilities

As like rights consumer must fulfil certain duties to get all the rights. So, rights are also an important aspect to be known from consumer awareness.
1.     Consumer should not be feels tempted on misleading and every advertisement published in different means of media.
2.     Consumer must read all the information and details of the products before buying it.
3.     Consumer must buy standard products only. For better consumer can buy quality but not expensive goods, fresh foods and well-labelled company brands.
4.     Every consumer should be aware of their rights & duties under the Consumer Protection Act.
5.     The consumer must ask for the billing voucher after making the purchase of the goods to remove future misleading.
6.     Reject and complain if the goods and products fail or found false than normal.
(So, these are the some duties of consumer (consumer responsibilities) that should be fulfilled and done by every consumer in terms of purchasing, and using it.)


Consumer movement

If you are thinking about What is the consumer movement, What are the reasons for consumer movement, And What is the main aim of consumer movement then let’s make clear all about it.

What is the consumer movement?

The consumer movement is a kind of revolution and effort to promote consumer protection. It is that movement which aims to remove and make clear the consumer rights from unclear and unfair practices in the market.

What are the reasons for consumer movement?

There are different reasons for conduction such movement. So, let’s check out what are the reasons for consumer movement,
1.     To protect consumer rights against bad and unfair practices.
2.     End of mixing of goods in terms of increasing the quantity by minimizing the quality, Food Adulteration.
3.     Do not sell to the customer in spite of having the goods in the shop, to end the black market.

What is the main aim of the consumer movement?

1.     To provide consumer education.
2.     To provide consumer protection.
3.     Building pressure on related bodies.
4.     To provide proper guidance to the consumer.
5.     To organize public opinion.
6.     For consumer awareness.
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