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What is a dedicated development team from Ukraine and how to hire the right people?

Everyone who has ever thought of software development definitely considered working with a software development team. Working with a dedicated development team is one of the most secure, easy, and cost-effective ways to ensure that you get all the job done and done correctly. 

However, there are a few aspects that need to be discussed before you start working with a dedicated development team. Firstly, you need to figure out who has to be in such a team in order to achieve maximum results. And second, you need to know where to hire your developers (spoiler; Eastern Europe countries are the perfect option, so any dedicated team in Ukraine is experienced with software development).

So, let’s go through all the possible questions that you might have, and hopefully, at the end of this article, you’ll have a perfect solution to all your troubles.

Who has to be in a dedicated development team? 

Firstly, a dedicated development team is fancy wording for a business model. Basically, this model refers to long-term working relations with a software development vendor. So, when you order a service and cooperate with a whole team rather than an individual expert, you work with a dedicated development team. 

So, who should be on your team in order to achieve success? Note that in this article, we’re talking about dedicated development teams from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries (and a bit later you’ll find out why), so we would refer to them as such. 

1.Front-end developers. 

Your perfect dedicated development team from Ukraine has to include at least one front-end developer. Their responsibility is to make everything that you see on a web page or mobile app not just look good, but also work well. Without them, any element your end-user interacts with won’t do a thing. 

2.Back-end developers. 

No dedicated development team can do without back-end developers. They connect the website or app features to the server. It is they who make it possible to pay through your app or implement other third-party services. Good thing that back-end and other developers’ services are much more cost-effective in Ukraine. Check the cost of outsourced IT yourself!

3.UI|UX designers. 

UI|UX designers are needed in your dedicated development team, for without them your software won’t be as eye-catching as you would like. The intuitive interface and comfortable placement of all software elements are but a glimpse of what UI|UX designers from Ukraine can do. 

4.Quality assurance engineers. 

The QA process is one of the most important for the software’s proper workflow. If you don’t have a QA engineer on board your dedicated development team, chances are you will see bugs more often than profits. To avoid any possible mistakes, problems, and malfunctions, hire a quality assurance engineer from Ukraine to pump up your dedicated development team. 

4.Software development manager.

A dedicated development team won’t really be a team without a manager who will ensure that everyone in the gang understands each other and are on the same page with you, a.k.a. the customer. Without the manager, the processes won’t be as smooth and seamless as you expect, but fortunately, software development managers from Ukraine have the best experience and advanced English.

Why hire a dedicated development team from Ukraine?

A dedicated development team from a software development vendor based in Eastern Europe would have a number of benefits that can help you leverage the competition and make the development more cost-effective. So, let’s check out why you should hire developers from Ukraine. 

1.It’s cheaper. 

Software development services in Ukraine are much more cost-effective than the same amount of services elsewhere. For example, on average, a software developer in Ukraine would rate their services around $50 per hour. While the same developer in the US would have rates around $100 per hour.

2.It’s as safe as in Western Europe or the US. 

The majority of dedicated development teams in Ukraine offer the same contracts and guarantees as the companies from the US. The main difference is in the time zone, but it is rather a plus; you can review the work in the morning while the team rests and provide them with new tasks before you get out of the office when the job starts for them.

3.These teams have a lot of experience and a great knowledge of English. 

For the cost-effective prices dedicated teams in Ukraine offer, they have lots of experience and advanced English. For example, the CEO of Voypost Nikita Sviridenko has about 12 years of experience in software development. 

So, the dedicated development team from Ukraine is a win-win solution that can help you achieve more results in the most budget-friendly way. Companies like Voypost are ready to offer their services, all you need to do is do a small little research to find a contact button on their website here.

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