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Tangi App – Share Your Creativity In 60 Seconds

tangi app | google tangi


Tangi app: Best Tiktok alternative to share your creativity in 60 seconds. After the massive success of the short video sharing app TikTok, the race of creating the alternative of the app is increasing. We have already seen a lot of Tiktok alternatives like the Likee App. Now to help the people to share their creativity Google has launched the short video sharing app called Google tangi. Let’ s discuss what is google tangi, how to use google tangi, how to download google tangi app, how to register tangi account and all related to tangi.

tangi app | google tangi
Google tangi 

What is Tangi!

Tangi is a social inspiration app for a quick video. It is a social short video sharing app to get to learn new things and ideas and things every day. Using tangi the users can get extra creative ideas and knowledge. Tangi is a platform to share your creativity with the world.
Tangi is from area 120, Google’s workshop for experimental products.

Tangi app – TikTok Alternative

Recently Google has launched it’s new social creativity app for the public to share their creativity and capacity related to a different category in videos within 60 seconds like TikTok App. Tangi is one of the short video sharing apps like TikTok, Likee, etc. where the creators can share their talents and creativity to the world. Tangi app is based on Google’s 120 projects, the project management team of Google-based on an experiment.
Google Tangi App – TikTok Alternative

Tangi App features (Features of tangi)

Tangi provides some new and extra features as compared to TikTok. In this app, the creators can make and share the videos up to 60 seconds. Tangi App covers the different categories which make the creators and users keep on engaging on this app. The main categories of tangi are Art, Cooking, Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle and DIY Video. In upcoming days we may see a lot of categories like Technology, Comedy, etc.

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tangi app for android
how to use tangi

Tangi – Learn New Things Everyday

Tangi app is not made for entertainment only. People would also learn something new through this app all the time. The slogan of the app “Learn new things every day” clear that the main motive and intention of this app is not only to entertain the people but also to share some useful information which may come in use. Using tangi people and users can learn daily cooking tips, art, fashion and beauty tips, and tricks, learn new lifestyle and enjoy with DIY Videos.
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Earn Money From Tangi

Tangi is going to be one of the most popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube. The creators will be more beneficial as compared to TikTok in the tangi app. This is because as per the information tangi will provide the money to the creators as per the views in their videos. Just as Google gives money on the basis of views on YouTube, in the same way, Google is going to give money to TANGI video creators as per views. This is a big thing because through this app people share their ideas and make money too.

How Tangi Will Better than TikTok?

We all know that Google is one of the top biggest and popular software and technology-based companies. All the activities that we are searching in google search are known to Google. That’s why we can understand the technology capacity of Google. If we search for something on Google, then Google gives the correct information about our interest, location, and search. So, tangi may provide the best and best video of our interests in its app.

The main reason why tangi will be better than TikTok is that Google is trying to increase the creator’s creativity and provide a lot of enhanced features. Like YouTube in tangi Google can give money to the creators as per the number of views per video.

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How to create (make) tangi account

Like other apps and the website, it is easy to create your tangi creators’ account by expending your few minutes of time in it. You have to follow the simple process which helps to create your Google tangi account in few minutes.

Download tangi app for iPhone

Google has already launched this app for iOS users in app form. If you are an iOS user then you can download and use this app from now on your iPhone smartphones. Tangi is available only for iOS in app form. Google also launched this app for all platforms in a web app or web version. Using the web version of tangi you will get the experience of it.

what is tangi? | download tangi
how to download tangi for iPhone


The reason that Google has done this is that it does not get easily available like TikTok. When something is not easily found, then its importance will be known. So, why this app is only available for iPhone users now. In upcoming days the app will be available to Android smartphones too.
How to use the Tangi app in Android?
We already said that tangi is only available for iPhone users in app form. If you are Android smartphone users then you can use it easily. The main thing is that to use tangi you may not need its app version. Using a high-quality browser like Chrome, Uc browser you can use this app easily.


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