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What Impact does the TV Series ‘Emily in Paris’ Have on Society?

TV show Emily in Paris

There is some truth in the analogy that TV shows have an impact on how people talk and what they wear. It isn’t a surprise to find that they also influence the food you eat too. You may be following a show about specific cuisine that makes you want to try it out as well. Find what impact does the TV show Emily in Paris have on our society.

Other people believe that these shows have a way of triggering your inner being in such a way that you can explore all your intimate desires. It might be centered on your choice of travel destination, the kind of songs you like, or even what you’d like to buy.

The Personality Influence 

Another section of avid TV fans also believes that these shows can also have a significant influence in how you think and even your personal opinions. Your change of heart about a specific topic could also be due to something you watched on TV. Looking at it from a neutral perspective, it does seem like a lot to take in.

But in the opinion of Dr. Deborah Perez, the TV shows you enjoy watching do influence the kind of attitude you employ towards life, not to mention your personality. Dr. Deborah is a Clinical Psychologist from the Sao Paulo State University. She says that humans as a whole will always be influenced by what they subject themselves to. In this case, the media plays a massive role in doing precisely that.

Thus, by depending a great deal of time on a TV show that you like, it is normal to find that you are already emulating the character of an actor or actress in whom you take a liking. This is a natural response because this character is etched deeply in the core DNA. There is a need to feel unique when people you meet, see something in you that they don’t have. And these TV shows play directly into that fact.

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Emily in Paris

Take, for instance, the popular TV show Emily in Paris. The high success standards that this show has set are greatly embedded in its care-free and light-hearted impressions throughout the different episodes. But if you look closely, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Starting from the dress code, the exclusive Paris experience, and the cinematography, this show has all the ingredients of a romantic adventure. The Below graphic from Online Casino Betway illustrates the effects that the show has had on society.

Lily Collins takes up the role of the main character, Emily, who works as a budding marketing expert. She lands a lucrative job in Paris, which was part of her lifelong dream. In essence, this has a massive following, and it’s no surprise to find out that it was one of the shows that attracted millions of viewers across the world.

There is a massive influence in tourism, fashion as well as other aspects of daily living. The soundtrack is also something that places some of the songs into the limelight, with most people choosing the songs as among their favorites. All these aspects only shed more light on why this show continues to impact its fans’ choices and lives.



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