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Relocating to Austin? Here are the nicest areas you should consider when looking at lake Travis real estate

Relocating to Austin

If you’re thinking of going to Texas, there are plenty of cities, towns, and neighborhoods that can be exactly what you are looking for. If you enjoy being in a big city, Dallas is the place to go. If you want to have the quintessential Team experience, move to Houston for your next chapter. However, if you want to move to an up-and-coming, vibrant, youthful, and dynamic city, we have the perfect place for you! Let’s see about relocating to Austin.

Moving to Austin? Look at Lake Travis real estate!

If you are looking for family-friendly areas for you and your children to move to in Lake Travis, look no further, there are plenty of options when it comes to Lake Travis real estate for young families and those who have older teenage children. With safe areas, good school systems, outdoor amenities, big houses, and affordable prices, Lake Travis has some of the best neighborhoods in the entire state for growing families! Click here to browse your options when it comes to Lake Travis real estate.

Steiner Ranch

If you enjoy being outside and going for walks with your family, this is the place for you. Steiner Ranch is on the border of a beautiful nature preserve, along with most of the homes in this neighborhood having waterfront views. With 12 miles of trails and 10 parks, Steiner Ranch is the ideal spot for children who love to play outside after school and parents who like to go jogging, walking, cycling, fishing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Not to mention, there is a great school system nearby for your teenagers.

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For families who enjoy the amenities of living in an upscale community setting or a resort when you are on vacation, this is the place to be. With amenities like an event lawn, sports courts, playing fields, hiking trails, and an outdoor pool, you can always find something to do here with your family on the weekends. Along with the outdoor amenities, the proximity of this neighborhood is ideal for those who need to constantly go grocery shopping and clothes shopping for their children! 

Spanish Oaks

Another area of Lake Travis real estate that you should look at when buying homes is Spanish Oaks, a luxury community that is an upscale, elite, and high-quality neighborhood. If you have hit the jackpot when it comes to new jobs in the Austin area, maybe you will be lucky enough to afford a home here. In that case, I recommend going for it – this planned community is home to trails, wildlife, and 24/7 amenities, giving you the best of both worlds. 

You can enjoy your time outside being in nature at the nearby Little Barton Creek or the 15,000 acres of nature preserves. Once you are tuckered out from all the exercise head to the 24/7 concierge to book in a spot at the local fitness facility, 3-tier pool, or sporting grounds. 


For families that are looking at Lake Travis real estate, many options work with your size and price range. Look at Sweetwater, Spanish Oaks, or Steiner Ranch for homes for you and your family! 

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