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Top real estate postcard mailers you must look for

real estate postcard

If you are a real estate agent, you probably already know that one of the most important tools in your toolbox is the real estate postcard.

Real estate postcards help you offer potential clients and lead to physical reminders of your business, as well as crucial information regarding the current housing market and your company.

And while you may know the importance of real estate postcards, you may not fully be aware of the most important types of real estate postcard mailers. That is where we come in! 

Learn more break down the top real estate postcard mailers that you should be aware of to improve your business and expand your contacts. 

Let’s get started! 

Just listed mailers

The just-listed mailers are pretty straightforward and simply give you the chance to show off the latest homes that you have listed on the market. This not only increases interest in the home itself but also offers you the chance to update people in your area on what you have been working on recently. It’s a good way to remain top of mind for people who are thinking about potentially entering the market. 

Just sold mailers

Another really valuable real estate postcard mailer that you can send is the Just sold mailer. This, of course, gives you the chance to let people around town know what homes you have worked on and sold. This is obviously to show people around town what you have been doing and can be especially valuable for people who are thinking of selling their homes. If they see that you just sold a similar home, they may be inclined to work with you! 


Market/neighborhood updates

Another great way to remain in the minds of people within your market is to provide clear and valuable updates regarding the current housing market trends in your area. Ultimately, buying and selling a home all comes down to timing, as buyers look for a good entry point into the market in terms of prices and rates, and sellers look for a good time to sell when the market is strong. By offering these updates, you will be able to show potential buyers or sellers that you know your stuff and are always staying on top of the latest trends regarding the local and national housing markets. 

Free home valuation

Finally, one great way to get new leads and expand your client base is to send out mailers offering free home valuations. This is an incredible value offer as house valuations can be quite expensive for people who are thinking about selling their homes. For some people who want to sell but don’t want to get the process started, offering a free valuation may be just the kick in the pants they need to really get started on the process. Of course, if you are the one doing the free valuation, chances are pretty good that they’ll end up signing up with you to help them sell their home!

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