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The Benefits Of Creating Quiz On Twitter For Your Business

Creating Quiz On Twitter

Twitter is a great social network where you can use quizzes to start conversations and drive back to your website to make sales, it can also help you increase your brand recognition and help you grow your audience, and it’s also a great tool for generating quality leads.

When you’re thinking about what to use for creating a quiz on Twitter, keep this in mind, if you can find a way to make the quiz “Which (Blank) Are You?” or “Type (Blank) Are You?” then you will have a much better chance of success.

The reason people love these quizzes so much is that they lead to natural conversation and debate. You can share your results and compare them with others, forming a group which gets which character.

Write 5-7 questions to define your character

Quiz questions are where you build engagement. If you do well, people will be so fascinated by your quiz on Twitter that they will invest and share their results, retweet your quiz, and buy your product, all that great stuff.

It may not seem like the biggest deal in the world, but quiz questions are where you show your personality and let people express it, it’s a conversation between two people, you and the person taking the quiz, a format that doesn’t exist in real-time like quiz offers. in another world.

Create Image Questions for Better Quiz Experience

All the top quizzes built on interaction have questions that look like the example on the right, where it says “Select cake:” and then gives you six images of cakes to choose from, images get more engagement on Twitter, regardless of the format, so having more images in your quiz will get more people to complete the quiz you create, and share their results, and making your product more recognizable to your audience.


Use Your Quiz as an Option to Generate Leads from Twitter (Optional)

Has an optional feature where you can add a lead capture form to your quiz and use it to generate leads from Twitter. If you enable it, then you usually see a fairly high opt-in rate (50% on average). And you can categorize your prospects based on the quiz results they got or how they answered certain questions.

Show Quiz Results and Offer Personalized Product Suggestions

Each quiz result is unique and has its own set of features. You can display an image that represents the results, you can add a description for the results, and you can place a call-to-action button for each result.

That call-to-action button is huge because personalized product recommendations sell 2.3x better than generic ones, meaning that if your audience clicks the button and tells them to buy the product based on the quiz results, then 230% more of your audience will buy the product on offer.

Link to Personalized Product Sales Page from Your Quiz

The call-to-action button from your quiz results leads directly to your product page, and when you use a quiz URL on Twitter, all of this happens right inside Twitter’s native browser so everything loads quickly and is easy to see on mobile devices where people spend their time on Twitter, this way you can make direct sales from within the quiz you make as attractive as possible.

Share Your Quiz Results as a Tweet

Anyone who takes your quiz can tweet their results, and you can trust that if you create a character quiz, people will definitely share their results. The tweet pictured on the right has 1,272 retweets and 167 comments from people who shared their results after the audience shared the results on Twitter.

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Start Conversations on Twitter with Your Quiz

Quizzes on Twitter work great when there’s conversation, and what better reason for conversation than discussing your results from a quiz. People love to share their results on Twitter and discuss them. You’ll see lots of screenshots and Gifs going into the comments as people unite for the same result and fight over different results.

This is truly one of the most entertaining conversations you can have on Twitter, and we all know that entertaining is the key to getting people’s attention, which is how you make money.

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