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Step-by-Step Guide To Get Rid Of Dog Pee On The Carpet, Instantly

You have a visitor in 15 minutes, and your pup just peed on the carpet.

What do you do? Use this guide to get rid of dog pee from your carpet below;

Even if you don’t have a visitor, stubborn dog pee on the carpet can be a problem; however, there are solutions for this as well. If you’ve tried a few DIY solutions that didn’t work, scroll down and get acquainted with these tips that will;

  • Blot the urine fast!

It’s easier to get the job done if the pee is still wet. In that case, act quickly!

Clean it immediately to get rid of the urine smell quickly. The longer the urine stays on the carpet, the more the bacteria get a hold of it, and it’s the bacteria that causes the worst of the smell, not the liquid itself. Simply grab a length of 5 to 6 kitchen towels and press it down onto the wet surface.

Continue doing this as long as the area does not dry out, and the urine smell disappears. 

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  • Baking soda 

For set-in dog pee smell and stains, apply a thin layer of baking soda (about a quarter of a cup) to the carpet stain, then vacuum to remove the baking soda before treating the affected area with liquids.

  • Use an odor-removing solution. 

Get your cleaning product or dilute white vinegar with water to make a simple solution. For more odor-fighting power, combine vinegar with baking soda, or use hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Using a spray bottle, spray the soiled area.

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Allow your solution to soak. Allow your solution to absorb and treat the stained area for a few minutes.

  • Wipe down the solution with a dry towel or a wet vacuum. 

After a few minutes, remove the liquid with a clean towel or wet vac. Repeat as needed to remove any remaining odors or stains.

Bonus Remedies

Prevent It!

Although it can be aggravating, preventing your dog from peeing on the carpet regularly.

Have you ever heard of the term “dog urine repellent for carpet?”

Yep, they exist!

You might already have it at home. Lemon, white vinegar, and rubbing alcohol can help. Your dog dislikes the acidic smell of white vinegar and lemon. Furthermore, this will give your home the freshness you desire all day.

Use Alcohol

Dogs dislike the smell of alcohol as well. If you dilute alcohol in water and spray it on your carpet while vacuuming, your dog will no longer pee on it.

There are also commercial dog repellants that you can find in pet or department stores near you. They also have cayenne pepper and other chemicals your dog is sensitive to.

If your naughty pup has soiled your carpet, start by cleaning it with an enzymatic cleaner or vinegar that allows it to dry before spraying repellent. And if you are looking for a legit list of the best site, visit choice online casino.

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