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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

galaxy s21 ultra

Samsung finally launched pre-order on the 14th of February for its new Galaxy S21 series. 2020 wasn’t very kind to the Korean multinational conglomerate. With Apple releasing the iPhone 12 many months ahead of its main competitor, Samsung, the company lost a great income chance. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is finally here. Now it’s left to see if the company will redeem itself through this new Galaxy series. Read ahead to check the best and worst of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Release Date

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is meant to be released on the 29th of January. The phone can be pre-order at the moment on Samsung’s website. This phone was supposed to be launched in 2021. Let’s hope the device is worth the wait. visit here


The price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is less than the previous year’s S20 by about $200. Many think that the price difference is due to the economic hit the company suffered because of the pandemic. However, the reality lies in the manufacture of the device, The Galaxy S20 has a glass type of materials on the back, known as Gorilla Glass. Fans theorize the price cut is actually due to the removal of this glass.

The Samsung S21 Ultra will have a starting price of $1199. While the cost of this phone is still higher than that of the iPhone 12, the gap isn’t as great as in other years.


The new Samsung will be using Android 11 with the One UI 3.1. The International chipset is Exynos 2100. The United States will have the Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888. The Octa-core CPU of up to 4×2.2 GHz Cortex is expected to deliver a great gaming performance.

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The RAM will be upgradeable up to 16GB with an internal maximum storage capacity of 512 GB.  Even though the device will be sent for shipping on the 29th of this month, there are some benchmarks available already. Fans expect a lot of power with that hardware, and they haven’t been disappointed.

The single-core Geekbench 5 for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was 1,006 and the multi-core a staggering 3,059. Overall, great scores and an improvement from last year.


Samsung has been putting a great effort into its cameras. They are aware that their main competitor Apple has got that covered. With the Galaxy S20, they delivered an amazing camera quality.

The S21 Ultra model looks equally promising. Some improvements have been made and some features added. The individual quality of each camera has been enhanced, which produces an overall better picture and video quality.

The main camera achieves the unbelievable 108 MP at 4320pixels. The photo quality achievable with such high MP is outstandingly detailed.

You can take 8K quality videos with the S21 Ultra. The monstrous high-quality video shooting comes with excellent anti-blur and stability options. The camera achieves something never done before, 60fps 4K filming throughout all the lenses.


Samsung is famous for having the top of line screens, with the best quality. The S21 will follow the no bezel signature screen from the model of the previous year. The display will cascade over the edges providing a better immersive experience.

The screen belongs to the Dynamic AMOLED 2x type The Galaxy S21 has a 6.8 inches screen at a 1440×3200 pixels resolution. The screen ratio is 20:9, and a 515 PPI density.


The biggest difference between the S21 and the previous series is the removal of the glass on the back. However, that is not the only one. There are some seemingly subtle changes. In the search for perfection, Samsung has made.

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The camera lens has been framed by a contoured cut-out. Now, this part blends nicely into the metal frame. The resulting sleek design is quite pleasing.

There are some interesting new colour options for the S21 Ultra. The device will be available in Phantom Silver and Black, these two colours will have a matte finish. Phantom Navy, Titanium, and Brown will be other selections for this model. The last three will have other finishes that can be selected from the Samsung website.

Best deal on Samsung Galaxy S21

If you are a Samsung phone fan or have been waiting for a long time for the S21 you can pre-order the device at the Samsung website. However, the best deals will be given by carriers or their third-party sellers. The way most wireless network providers make the big bucks is by giving phenomenal deals that will hook you to their subscription plans. So why not take advantage of it?

If you wait until carriers start on their “bargain” deals, you can easily trade-in an old phone for the new Samsung Galaxy S21, get a discount, or even for free if you’re lucky enough. Of course, you will have to sign up for some of the carriers of choice wireless networks programs. But, we have a great workaround.

Once you have purchased your Samsung Galaxy S21, all you need to do is unlock it. When you have a carrier-locked device, the only way to gain network freedom is by hiring an IMEI unlocking service.

The most reliable website we have used is iPhoneIMEI, they have expanded the brand, and unlock Samsung phones amazingly fast. Always be sure to research the service that works best for you.


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