How can Prescription sunglasses be a better choice?

Prescription sunglasses are becoming popular because of the advantages they provide to a user. For instance, you can avoid searching for clip-on or magnetically attached sun lenses while driving to prevent the sun from shining in your eyes. A simple distraction can cause a major accident. It is at these times that the use of a prescription sunglass becomes advantageous and convenient.

It helps avoid sun, sand, and water!

Even those wearing contact lenses state that a prescription sunglass is a practical alternative to the outdoors. For example, if you are using lenses, you would want to remove them to enjoy the beach’s weather, for the lenses cause watery and itchiness because of sand, wind, water, and sun.

Even if you choose to wear non-Prescription sunglasses over your contact lenses, they may not provide enough protection from the harmful sun rays. Furthermore, wearing contact lenses when you plan to swim is wrong because it can cause an eye infection.

When you plan to choose a prescribed sunglass, you can avoid searching for contact lenses and clip-on sunglasses.


If you suffer from a vision problem and require corrective prescription eyewear, you have several options. The same is applicable when you are picking a prescription sunglass. They are available for any lens prescription, including progressive lens and bifocal.

The glasses help improve your reading ability or play their part in correcting the distance vision and provide the required boost for reading. Plus, you can also consider prescription swimming goggles if it is time for a dip.

Different frames

You will find prescription sunglasses available in numerous frames, which is equivalent to that of non-prescription sunglasses. You will find them in the same designer, fashion, and celebrity eyewear styles. However, there could be a limitation when it comes to wraparound sunglasses that take the shape of the user’s head. The reason is that extreme curves present on such frames typically distort vision.

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If you would like to have a wraparound prescription sunglass, you can search for manufacturers that offer the right frame that has fewer curves. Do note that the availability of such frames has a limitation and to a particular prescription range. Therefore, it is preferable to discuss the options with the optician.

Lens options

The lens options available for a prescription sunglass are numerous. You will find them in polycarbonate, high-index, regular (CR-39) plastic, glass, and Trivex (lightweight material and like polycarbonate).

Using glass as a preferable material for sunglasses has arguably been the popular choice for centuries. However, with changing times and technologies, glass is no longer the popular choice. The primary reason is because of the weight. The secondary reason is they can shatter when compared to other materials making them vulnerable. Nonetheless, if you want to have the prescription sunglass manufactured from glass, you can request one from the optician.

A different way to protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays is by using prescription eyeglass lenses with photochromic tint. The advantage of such a lens is that it helps darken the excessive brightness of the sunlight automatically. Although they are convenient, they have a drawback. Such lenses require ultraviolet to activate the tint.

For ultimate solution, several opticians recommend eyeglasses with photochromic lenses and frames consisting of magnetic clip-on sunglasses. You can use the photochromic lenses for excellent comfort in the outdoors and the clip-on sunglasses when you require darker lenses.

Glare protection and UV

When buying prescribed sunglasses, many people’s primary concern is their ability to block the sun’s UV rays. Unlike non-prescription sunglasses, you can pick up the color and the lens’s density that you like if the optician verifies that it offers complete UV protection. The reason is that UV protection has no relation with the thickness of the tint and the color.

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You can opt for the prescription polarized sunglasses if you like to seek protection from light bouncing surfaces such as water, sand, snow, and concrete pavement. They have the same specification as the prescription sunglass but with an added layer that prevents glare.

The average cost of Prescription sunglasses

The final cost of a prescription sunglass that you pick up depends on the brand, frame, style, and hinges. If you can spend a good fortune, you can opt for a high-end designer brand that is usually expensive and chick. Contrary, if you like to own an affordable pair of sunglasses, selecting anything from a lesser-known brand fulfills the task. Alternatively, you can scout for discount codes and promotions that help you purchase a branded sunglass at an affordable price.

The other factors that influence the cost of the sunglasses are:

  • Single vision:It is the commonly prescribed lens that helps solve nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. They are available in a single power grade only.

  • Progressive: You do not need more than a single pair when you opt for progressive. They are multifocal and help you see clearly from different angles with ease. It requires some practice to get used to the lens.
  • Bifocals: These lenses usually have a line that differentiates two prescriptions on a single lens. However, the latest models do not have such a line. Bifocals help see nearby and faraway things without any trouble.


Prescription sunglasses are an ideal choice for those who spend a lot of time in the outdoors. For instance, people snowboarding, and skiing devote plenty of time outdoors, and using a prescription sunglass is favorable. The use of a prescription sunglass makes it simple to protect the eyes by providing a clear view. It is likewise helpful for everyone who is facing sight issues due to diabetic complications.

Given the availability of sunglasses from all the leading brands, it is possible to pick an ideal choice based on the frame, style, and hinges. If you are looking for budget or affordable sunglasses, make a list of the features that you would like to have and start comparing the models. Several online eyewear retailers offer special discounts on prescribed sunglasses, which allows you to have one at a bargaining price.

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