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The main differences between a water bong and a regular bong – here is what you need to know before buying!

differences water and regular bong

There are many different types of smoking accessories that will provide you with different cannabis experiences. Do you want a small apparatus that is easy to use and good for beginners? Do you want a smoking apparatus that is easy to conceal and transport to bring to a park or your friend’s house? check out this blog for the differences between a water bong and a regular bong.

Or would you rather a big apparatus with many accessories that is good for long and smooth hits? Do you like intense highs or short-lived effects? Figuring out the answer to all of these aforementioned questions before buying smoking accessories is key to finding which shoe is best for your daily life, lifestyle, needs, budget, and preferences.

Let’s see more and find out the main differences between two very similar accessories when it comes to smoking weed!

The main differences between a water bong and a regular bong – what you NEED to know!

Here are the main things you need to know before purchasing water bongs or regular bongs. Although these are similar, some differences can change your smoking experience! 

Water bongs were first made out of gourds

One of the main differences between a water bong, also known as a water pipe, and a regular bong is the shape of the bong and the material it is made out of. Water pipes are usually made out of gourds, whereas the bongs are made of glass or ceramic material. Water bongs constrain a top where you put the bowl, a downstem that connects the chamber and the top of the pipe, and a straw or pipe that comes out of the side of the water bong. 

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Users will use the straw out of the side of the water bong to pull the smoke through the downstem to then obtain the vapor and produce intense heat and vapor. Many water bongs today are made of glass, ceramic, or plastic. 

Water bongs can be hookahs

The next difference between water bongs and regular bongs is the chance for water bongs to be hookahs. This type of water bong is a pipe that is single or multi-stemmed for use with multiple people at one time. You can use a hookah with shisha, flavored tobacco, or cannabis. 

Water bongs are easy to transport

Water bongs are also called water pipes – which are smaller, easier to transport, and easier to conceal. When Comparing regular bongs vs. water bongs, you need to know that water bongs are usually small pipes that are for single-person use. Bongs are usually for multiple people to share at one time due to the big pulls and intensity of the thigh. 


Before you can buy the best smoking apparatus for your needs, you need to compare the characteristics of each smoking method to see which one is best for your daily life, personality, and experience with smoking cannabis. Water bongs, which are water pipes, can be better for those who want smaller hits and want to travel with their apparatus. On the other hand, bongs are good for those who want to use weed socially and have big highs and intense flavors.

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