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Play Real Money Poker Tournaments With These Strategies to Win Big


Although playing poker tournaments online requires a different approach than playing money games in general. There is also little pressure from the Independent Chip Model (ICM) as everyone has a long journey before they get the money. 

The start of an online tournament strategy could be the best moment to look for helpful advice. Begin with a traditional hand selection. However, you must begin defeating weak players as soon as they are labeled.

Middle Stage Strategy: When an online tournament reaches the middle stage, many things begin to shift: as the tournament progresses, the pot gets smaller, the antes get up, and the weak players are lessened. In freezeout events, participants with massive stacks are much less likely to be defeated. That is the moment when you must focus on the following tactics:

  1. Open your beginning hand range.
  2. Play with the size of your stack rather than the number of cards you have.
  3. You should tighten your calling range when getting closer to the bubble.

The Late-stage MTT Strategy: The money bubble describes the crucial moment you are about to be paid. This means that the hands you could play can change, and in some cases, significantly. Non-linear chips are the reason which causes bubbles in online poker tournaments. Paychecks vary. It is not that bad if you have the shortest stack. However, it would be a disaster if your opposition tried to make money with an even smaller stack. Different colliding stacks have different bubble endings depending on how close you are to being victorious and the size of stacks around you. The ICM determines the top strategy. This approach considers the variables of the bubbles. ICM and bubble method knowledge assist strong players in winning. 

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Final MTT Strategy: The ultimate test of your strategy is the final table because ICM pushes you into a position where you begin to make uncomfortable folds that you would not be making otherwise. You need to be aggressive in case you want to win. You can get a pay jump or two if you wait for premium hands, but you won’t have enough chips to play heads-up and get the trophy. Play tight in most table situations and use timed aggression to collect chips from the bottom players. Do not ever play too tight and passively.

If the alignment is difficult, you must take more risks to avoid being run over. But, because of the ICM, you must fold hands in the top 10% except when you have a monster. And also, avoid a big preflop confrontation except when you have a monster. Stacks smaller than you should be pressured into folding (unless they have less than 10BB). Even being modest favorites, they shouldn’t be risking the event.

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