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During the years, a lot of couples have had big problems with their sexual life. It is connected with the lack of variety in the bed. 

Everything is possible with our unique sex toys – fleshlights. If you have never heard about these tools, we will represent them for you. Welcome to the world of your fantasy and enjoy the realistic pussies and butts imitators, where you can fleshlights everything about your hidden feelings.

Fleshlights are mainly used as masturbators for men and they really help to avoid sexual disability, to increase the man’s force. It is much more important for the people after 40 – 45 years old.

Fleshlights increase the speed of the bloodstream in your body and help to prolong intercourse. These toys also rescue young men, who have a problem with fast cum that is not so satisfies their partners. The appliance can be appreciated like a training machine for the men who have such problems because after they know how to manage their intercourse, they will be able to present the enjoy for their women.

Fleshlights are also recommended for total healthy men because they help them to understand the feelings of the partner and be the best lover for them. These tools are the real sexual life recovering device. 

The universal gadgets blowjob machine will be suitable for single men who want to masturbate with a fantasy about the porno stars, or for a gay couple, that were dreaming about double penetration. 

It is very important to make the right choice of the toy’s size, according to the real dimension of your erected penis. Each item has a notice where the producer wrote all technical features of the appliance, which helps everybody to avoid all mistakes. 

In our catalog, you will find the combinations which are made from light-sensitive material and completed with lubricant liquid for the best enjoying. We also can offer you, special cleaning agents, for your safety.

You can buy not only classical vagina tools but also exotic shapes with the vampire mouth or the clitoris of a female alien. Below, we collected all descriptions of each fleshlight’s type we can represent you. 

Vagina Fleshlights

Standard toys are the most popular among men all over the world. Modern artificial vagina masturbators are so realistic, that you can really feel yourself inside the wet woman’s pussy. 

This appliance doesn’t place a lot of space and you can keep it in your drawer. In case of careful care, it will satisfy you over the years. 

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One more wonderful feature of this vagina is the full realistic design – the internal surface copies the woman’s clitoris and hole for your penis. We are sure, you can even confuse it with your partner in the dark.

Anal holes

The best decision for single men, hetero or homosexual couples. It is one of the simplest ways to imitate double penetration when you don’t have a real partner. 

The toy is similar to the standard anus without any wavy hairs. The elastic latex material tightly squeezes the penis and you will receive the best orgasm of anal sex in your life. The gadget will help to realize the most mysterious fantasies, even your partner would never agree to anal sex. 

Mouth fleshlights

Very interesting toys for people who enjoy high-quality blowjob. The realistic soft mouth of the tool will grab your penis and stimulate it in the most sensitive points until you will cum. 

Usually, such toys have the body color and are equipped with all anatomic parts – lips, teeth, tongue, and deep throat.

Some toys are completed with lubricant inside that helps to receive double enjoying from this realistic blowjob imitation. 

What to choose – realistic or not-textured?

Textured vaginas help to feel yourself inside the real woman. But the irregularities on the internal surface can easily hurt the beginners because of friction.

So, we advise you to begin with not-textured fleshlights, that have an elastic surface for strong fixing of your penis. After several months you will already have some experience and you can buy a realistic masturbator for stronger enjoying. 

Textured fleshlights

These toys can be called men’s dildos, because of their function. You will see the real female hole in front of you, where you can insert your penis. All irregularities on the internal surface will help you to stimulate all your sensitive parts and receive an orgasm. 

These masturbators are even recommended by medics for men who don’t have the natural sensitivity of their penis head but want to receive the pleasure. 


These fleshlights are made from soft latex transparent materials. It is suitable for free-minded couples when the partner wants to watch the process of her or his men’s penis moving inside before ejaculation.

Hands-free fleshlights

If you want to make your hands would be free during your masturbation – these toys are the best decision. The backside of the appliance is provided with a strong sucker. You can easily fix it on the tile in a bathroom, or on your cabinet and enjoy your sex activity. 

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Do you want to have sex with a fictional partner in the kitchen? Just fix the hands-free fleshlight on the curbstone and realize your fantasies. 

Suction fleshlights

Yes, this gadget will really make a realistic blowjob. The shape of the hole is very similar to the mouth with lips and teeth. When you put your penis inside, the electric mechanism begins to suck, and you can control this process with several buttons on the external surface. You can easily change the sucking power, or speed and frequency of moving. 


It is the most convenient sex toy for men because of its compact dimension and mobile function. The main feature of these toys is 2 holes at each edge of the cylindrical instrument case. It helps you to manage the amplitude, direction, and speed of moving your penis inside. 

This gadget needs more your fantasy, but if you will learn how to use it in a correct way, you will do it each day or night. 

These toys are usually considered premium class items and are made of high-quality and expensive materials which will give more pleasure while using. 

Homemade fleshlight

Do you want to diversify your sex life with your partner, but you have no money for it? So, we have several simple decisions for you.

First, you can choose a cheap gadget, without any certificate. Of course, it will be not as convenient, as luxury toys, but you can feel if it is suitable for you or not.

Second, you can try to make the flashlight with your hand, using the piece of latex and cylinder-shaped plastic tube, but we want to warn you, that it is very difficult to receive the same feelings. 

Pornstars’ mold fleshlights

Today you can buy not only that fleshlight masturbator but also the exact copy of the pornstar body model. 

We do not doubt, that you have the favorite pornstar from the movies for adults. Now you can even feel your idol in your bed. All our toys have the unique realistic shape and the color of the women’s skin body. 

After you prepare your star in the bed, you can imagine yourself like a porno movie actor and she will help you to receive the strongest orgasm in your life.

Please, before using fleshlights, read the manual description and follow all safety and sanitary rules. We also advise you to buy all necessary lubricants, washing liquids, and sanitizers for your penis and gadgets. 

We are sure, that our toys will help you to relax after a stressful working day and receive maximum energy before the next morning.


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