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CBD Uses for People and Pets

cbd for pets

Cannabidiol or CBD is getting a lot of press these days. The non-psychoactive health benefits of this derivative of both marijuana and hemp are becoming more well-known and less suspect. As this happens, more people are finding various uses for CBD in their lives. Usually ingested as gummies, oils, tinctures or edibles, CBD has become a go-to for many people in attempting to live their healthiest lives possible. Some people are even using cbd oil for pets they own and love. Let’s take a look at some of the uses people have found for CBD.

How It’s Made

First, we should clear up a little bit about the difference in the availability of CBD. Gummies are bites of pre-measured CBD combined with other ingredients in candy. Edibles are when CBD is added to food. You can order that food pre-made or you can make it yourself using CBD tinctures or oils as ingredients. Tinctures are the pure, distilled CBD added to a non-toxic carrier oil like coconut oil. The carrier oil acts as a conduit through which the CBD is absorbed into your body. A CBD oil takes the tincture one step further. A carrier oil is added to the distilled CBD along with herbs and sweeteners. The concentration of CBD in a tincture is more than that of an oil. This will affect how much you’ll need to use to get a full dose.

Physical Help

The health benefits of CBD are becoming more widely known and accepted in medical circles. One of the most important breakthroughs for CBD use has been with people who suffer from chronic pain or seizures. The way the CBD binds and interacts reduces pain reception in your body. It also reduces swelling and inflammation and inhibits seizures from occurring. This helps people with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, sciatica and seizure disorders. It’s been shown to help pets who need help with joint flexibility as well.

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If you know anything about cancer treatment, you know that it can ravage a person’s body almost as virulently as the cancer itself. CBD can help alleviate the nausea, vomiting and even the pain associated with many cancer treatments. In some studies, the CBD has even bonded with the cancer and inhibited the cancer’s growth.

Your heart is on the list of bodily systems that CBD can help, too. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help reduce the effects of heart disease on that all-important organ. Additionally, because CBD can help reduce your stress and anxiety in your mental state, that translates into a lower blood pressure in your physical state. Higher blood pressure is linked to strokes and heart attacks.

Believe it or not, CBD has been shown to help people who suffer from acne, too. Those anti-inflammatory properties that aid in heart and joint health can also have a positive effect on someone’s skin. It’s not only because of those properties, though. CBD has been shown to reduce sebum, the oil produced by the sebaceous glands in your skin. The overproduction of sebum is one of the main causes of acne in those who suffer from it.

Mental Help

As we learn and accept more about mental health disorders, we also have learned better ways to treat them. The World Health Organization identifies depression as the top cause of disability worldwide. This helps us to understand that mental health is an important component of people’s overall health. CBD has been helpful in treating both people and pets with anxiety and depression symptoms. Unlike the traditional medications currently used to treat these disorders, CBD isn’t an addictive substance nor does it come with a laundry list of unwanted side effects. CBD positively interacts with your brain’s natural levels of serotonin to combat depression and anxiety.

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Safe for Kids

CBD has proven more helpful than any other drug in the treatment of several disorders for children, too. Many children who have seizure disorders don’t respond to traditional medications. There have been several studies that show that CBD relieves, and in some cases prevents, seizures in these children. Some children who suffer from insomnia or PTSD-related episodes have gotten relief by using CBD, also.

Cannabidiol or CBD uses is massive these days and has been rediscovered as a way to help with many different health ailments.

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