How To Update Android To Latest Version

how to update android to latest version


Are you in search of how to update android mobile? In this post we will learn about how to update android to latest version
how to update android to latest version

how to update android to latest version

Hello Smartphone Lover this is me BL the host from WhatIdea1. Today in this post I’m going to discuss on the topic of How To Update Android To Latest Version. So, this is the post where we learn how to update android to latest version using third party or custom ROM, What is Custom ROM, What is Stock ROM, Advantages and Disadvantages and All about Updating Mobile Phones.
Before Starting the Process Please Read these things very carefully,

How To Update Android To Latest Version

What is Custom ROM?

CustomROM or third Party ROM or Software is the software which is made by third party developer. This software is treated as an unofficial software. This software is basically made for experiment proposes. Through custom ROM or third party software you can make your mobile looks and features look much more better than Normal.
          There are a lot of company and developers which provides a custom ROM. Among them Cyanogen Operating System or Cyanogen Mode also provides you a custom rom. Besides this there a lot of developer which provides custom ROM. 

List of custom Android distributions

Advantages of Custom ROM Updates

So, let’s talk about Advantages of Custom ROM Updates
1)   New Look than Normal
2)   Uninstall Default Apps
3)   Root Permission
4)   Better Performance
5)   More Features
6)   New Version
1.   New Look Than Normal
If you update your mobile using Custom ROM or software your mobile launching system get changed. You will get a different and attractive looks than your original looks.
2.   Uninstall Default Apps
Using custom ROM you can uninstall or remove default apps from your mobile. In original software you can’t remove or delete default or settings apps from mobile but here with the help Root method you can remove default apps.
3.   Root Permission
The main reason and things to do a custom update to your mobile is using the rooting method. Without Rooting your mobile you can’t install custom ROM. So you can get a features of Root or you need to Root your mobile.
4.   Better Performance
Well the reason for updating the mobile is to get new features and increase the performance of your mobile. So using custom ROM updates you can increase the performance of your mobile.
5.   New Version
Well we’ve already discussed for the main reason for updating your phone. So you can updates the version of your mobile. For example if your android version is lollipop then you can update it to Marshmallow or Marshmallow to Nogout, Nogout to Oreo, Oreo to Pie or Android 5 to Android 6, Android 6 to Android 7, Android 7 to Android 8, Android 8 to Android 9.

how to update android mobile

6.   More features
It is no doubt that updating mobiles to newer version have new features. So updating you mobile creates a lot of new and cool features.

How To Update Android To Latest Version

Disadvantages of Custom ROM Updates

So, let’s talk about Disadvantages of Custom ROM Updates
1)   Loss of security
2)   Invalid Warranty
3)   No Secure
4)   Damage Phone
1.   Loss of Security
The main disadvantages of rooting and updating phones using custom rom is that you can loss of security.
2.   Invalid Warranty
Another most disadvantages of updating phone using custom ROM is that you can loss the warranty of Phones.
3.   No secure
Updating phone using custom ROM is that you may loss the security or security get break and secrecy can’t be maintained.

how to update android mobile

4.   Damage Your Phone
Sometimes if any mistake occur is done during updating your phone using custom ROM, it may damage your phone. So, you’ve to follow the instructions very carefully in the time of custom update.

How To Update Android To Latest Version

Things to be Remember
     To update your phone or mobile using custom ROM you have to install Root in your android phone. Without root access you can’t install custom ROM in your mobile. There are various method for doing root your phone. Rooting methods also may differ from mobile company. For example the rooting method and tools of Samsung may differ from Nokia.
     Among them there are some apps through what apps you can root your mobile in few steps. In some mobile it works fine and you can Root your android using that apps. Learn more about how to Root android.

How To Update Android To Latest Version

Difference Between Stock Rom and Custom Rom

So before updating your phone you’ve to read this all information about Stock ROM and Custom ROM. We recommend you to read this all information before updating your phone.
Recommend: Please read this full tutorial and information on above topic, what is custom rom, difference between stock rom and custom rom.
              Stock ROM
Custom ROM
Original Software
Duplicate Software
No Bugs & Errors
Bugs & Errors
Further updates
No further updates
No trusted
Official Software
Unofficial Software
Can uninstall inbuilt Apps
Uninstall Inbuilt Apps
No Customize
No Warranty
1.   Software
The software used in stock Rom is original. This is the software provided by mobile company.
          In other hand the software in custom Rom is duplicate. This is the software which is provided by third party developer.
2.   Bugs & Errors
In stock rom this is less chance to get bugs & errors, if any bugs & errors are found, then the company gives an update to fix that errors.
          But in custom Rom you may get some bugs & errors.
3.   Further Updates
In stock Rom you may get further updates to your mobile. But in custom Rom any updates may not be available.
4.   Trust
You can trust in stock ROM, because stock Rom is made or manufactured by their own company but in custom ROM you may can’t trust it 100% because the developer of that ROM may be unknown or not an original mobile company.
5.   Software
Stock ROM is treated as an original software and custom ROM is treated as Duplicate software.
6.   Installation of Inbuilt Apps
In stock Rom you can’t uninstall or remove default or inbuilt apps but in custom rom you can uninstall inbuilt or default apps.
7.   Customization
You can customize you android phone is custom Rom or it is customized Rom where developer may have changed in some features of that rom, for ex, developer may have change the boot logo and other many more features.
          But in stock ROM you can’t customize your phones in above things.
8.   Warranty
Warranty is valid in stock rom but in custom rom warranty may get invalid.

How To Update Android To Latest Version

Steps to be followed to Install Updates your Mobile to new version
So, guys to updates your phone using the custom rom to latest version of Android you have to follow this steps very carefully,
Step No.1 Root Android
Step No. 2 Install TWRP Custom Recovery Tool
Step No. 3 Download Custom ROM
Step No. 4 Copy Downloaded Custom Rom
Step No. 5 Flash It
So before starting the process I want to suggest one thing that, I’m not responsible if any errors or problems occur while performing this steps. Me and my website is not any responsible for it. All this tutorial shown in this pos t is just for an educational pourposes only.
1.   To install updates of custom rom you have to install Root Recovery in your mobile phone. Learn here how to Root Android.
2.   After Rooting is done you have to install TWRP in your mobile phone.
3.   Learn here for how to install TWRP.
4.   After installing TWRP you have to download a ROM for your mobile. To download custom you can search in Google as like, “Android 10 Q custom rom for Samsung galaxy S……”
5.   (Note; you have to download correct ROM for your android, you have to download ROM with phones model number to. As like “Samsung galaxy J8 G854f custom rom download”)
6.   After downloading process is done you have to copy that custom ROM to SD card or Memory Card.
7.   Now you have to flash that ROM.
To flash a ROM you have to follow this steps,
a.    Siwtch off your mobile
b.    Press and Hold Power and Volume + Button at same time until it’s show a boot logo.
c.    It will open your TWRP Recovery. So in that recovery you can Back up the data as you like.
d.    Then tap on install and find the ROM where you have install it and flash it. Swipe to flash.
e.    It takes a few seconds to flash it. After flashing process is done come back.
f.     Now in “Partitions to wipe” choose ‘Dalvi Cache’ and ‘Cache’ and Swipe to Wipe.
g.    Re-start or Reboot your Mobile.
h.   Finally Done.

How To Update Android To Latest Version

So, guys in this way you can flash or install custom Rom updates in your mobile phone.


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