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Now it’s a time to make your eye more relax by enabling dark mode android mobile. You can turn on android night mode in any version of android mobile.



dark mode android
Hello Guys what’s up? Today in this post I’m going to show you How to turn on dark mode android
        Before starting the post I want to tell something about Dark Mode Android. Dark Mode Android is that theme color which reduce the brightness of your device and provides a relax and comfortable to look on screen. By enabling Dark Mode you can also prevent the battery usage because night mode or dark mode helps your mobile to prevent battery drainage.

dark mode android

Advantages of enabling Dark Mode Android,
1.   Relax to your eyes
2.   No need of Android 10. It works in old version of Android also like (Pie, Oreo, Nogout, Marshmallow, Lollipop)
3.   Saves Battery

dark mode android

Now let’s see How to turn on dark mode in android,
a.   At first you have to download one app from play store (Download here)
b.   After downloading & installation process completed, open it.
c.    After opening the app you will have a three option to choose. So, choose the option “Night Mode”
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d.   After choosing the option option “Night Mode” you you are finlly done.

dark mode android
dark mode android


dark mode android
dark mode android


dark mode android

So guys in simple way you can turn on dark mode in android. You can turn on Dark Mode in any Android Mobile by using this app. This apps really enable a dark theme in most of the apps and in some apps it may not work but i recommend you to use this app at least one time.
In this post we’ve discussed in the topic of How to turn on dark mode in android. Hope you like this post. So please stay with us, share this post and visit my website if you want to get more technical support and latest mobile tips, tricks & hacks. Thank you.



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