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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue Or What Flowers To Give On Women`s Day



International Women’s Day is the main holiday of the beginning of spring. Needless to say that you will find it a good idea to congratulate your mother, grandmothers, girlfriend, younger sister, but what kind of flowers to give them in order not to get into an awkward situation?

Can you buy flowers in advance for woman’s day?

Yes, you can. In some situations, you have the opportunity to buy your favourite tulips only in advance, but you are not sure whether to do this, for fear that the bouquets will fade away. Do not be afraid – feel free to purchase flowers. After all, knowing certain tricks, you not only preserve the freshness of tulips, but also avoid queues, and even save a lot.

How many flowers should you give in woman’s day?

Optimally give from 3 to 7 tulips why it is not acceptable to hand an even number of getting only an odd number of flowers; otherwise, misfortune and even death can befall this person. This superstition has gone so deep into our lives that we strictly observe it.
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What does the number of flowers in a bouquet symbolize?

Florists explain the number of flowers in a bouquet as follows:
·                    One flower means a sign of attention;
·                    Three flowers – a sign of respect;
·                    Five flowers – a sign of recognition;
·                    Seven flowers – a sign of adoration;
·                    Nine flowers – it means “I am at your feet”;
·                    Eleven herbs – one heart, one meaning (usually – a gift from a loving husband to his beloved wife);
·                    Thirteen flowers – from month to month to present your loving heart (it is appropriate to give for an anniversary acquaintance, first meeting or wedding).

What roses to give on Women’s Day?

When buying roses on Women`s Day, you should know specific rules that will help you not to get into an awkward situation.
– Red roses are for beloved womenonly. In other cases, such a gift can be considered a move or a kind of hint. For other ladies by Women`s Day, it is better to choose French fragrant or peony roses of different colours, which are also very popular.

What kind of flowers to give to a mother and a grandmother on Women`s Day?

– For the mother and grandmother on Women`s Day, when making a bouquet, you can choose chrysanthemums, hyacinths, lilies, chamomiles. For a more exotic and original bouquet – orchids, calla lilies, ranunculus, anemones. In general, there is a flower rule: the older a woman is, the larger and brighter the buds are. But in this case, this setting can be neglected, and remember about it is when choosing a bouquet, for example, the boss or teacher. And you should also keep in mind that, of course, both mother and grandmother will be pleased to receive their favourite flowers.

What flowers to give your younger sister on Women`s Day?

          Florists recommend  presenting a younger sister with a miniature bouquet of daisies, bluebells, and daffodils.
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What flowers to present to the best friend on Women`s Day?

        Florists are advised to present on the best friend with a bouquet of gerberas, carnations, and alstroemeria. Based on the character and appearance of the recipient, such bouquets can be bright or delicate.

What flowers to give to colleagues on Women`s Day?

Colleagues are encouraged to give primroses.
– The universal gift for Women`s Daywill be the traditional spring flowers of bright colours – tulips, hyacinths and daffodils, mimosa. Give bouquets of primroses presented to girlfriends and colleagues at work – this is a good option for all familiar women who do not want to be overboard on this day.

What flowers  not to give on Women`s Day?

It is better not to give coloured flowers on Women`s Day.
– On the first spring holiday, you should not choose bouquets of coloured flowers. The fact is that blue and rainbow roses will not be able to please freshness for a long time. You can present such a gift if only the recipient herself is waiting toward such a gift.
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