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For lovers of horror, they are typically used to those who can’t stand it to call them weird or disturbed, but the community knows that their love of getting frightened isn’t anything as basic as that. It is something that runs much deeper – for some, it may be exciting to feel that feeling of fear. Those who watch horror films are generally not very fearful people, and it can be said that the activity is about trying to capture that feeling of fear that is felt so rarely. When this feeling is achieved, people will know if it is a good horror film or not. The same philosophy applies to gambling in that people are always after that jackpot win. Those looking to win big money can do so though, here are some more sites that are frequented by players and Remember Coraline.

While horror is generally directed towards adults so as not to give the little ones nightmares, some exceptions toe the line. We remember many children’s films from our youth, but there are likely few that will match the memories that many will have about Coraline. For those who grew up during the 2000s, this film is infamous for being one of the scariest films that were directed towards children. However, it didn’t follow many of the tropes found in horror films at the time, nor even horror films now. In Coraline, horror was achieved mainly through the atmospheric build-up of tension, the wonderfully written villain who still stands out today, and by the contrast of the real with the supernatural. In addition, there was a particular focus on body horror seen by the replacing of character’s eyes with buttons.

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Coraline came out in 2009 and was marketed as an animated dark fantasy for children. Going into the theatres, it is likely that parents assumed that this would be a film along the lines of other dark fantasies, such as Alice in Wonderland or The Magician’s Nephew. Those who had already read the novella by Neil Gaiman would know that this would not be the case, as even reading the book itself transfers the same feelings of dread and uncertainty that audiences would have had when watching the film. However, in Coraline, all of this just works and it is hard to imagine the film being less scary than it is, as that would only serve to lessen the effect it has had on a large number of people.

There is no doubt that Coraline succeeds in frightening its audiences. While some adults might be undisturbed by the film, something to remember is that this is still a tale that was made for children – and its narrative deals with all sorts of unpleasantries such as murder, the taking of eyes, neglect, loneliness and more. By the end of the film, all these factors are reconciled and the audience does get the catharsis that they will likely be craving, which makes Coraline not just a great horror film, but also a wonderful story too.

A film like Coraline comes rarely, and it is unlikely we will get a film that is quite like it ever again. However, those who have not yet seen it should do themselves a service and go back to watch it.

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