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Why Non-removable Battery in Smartphones

why non-removable battery in smartphones
In this time almost all smartphones are providing their smartphones with non-removable batteries. With the change in technology, every smartphone company is providing a non-removable battery for various reasons. 

why non-removable battery in smartphones

Nowadays, the non-removable battery becomes one of the essential features of any smartphone. Although there are disadvantages of using the non-removable battery in our smartphones why smartphones company are focusing on non-removable batteries than the removable battery in their smartphones. In this post, we are going to discuss why non-removable battery in smartphones, advantages, and disadvantages of removable and non-removable batteries in detail. At first, you need to know about removable and non-removable batteries.

What is Removable and non-removable battery

The batteries of smartphones which can be removed and change or displace the battery of the mobile phones without the help of any technician. The removable battery is those type of battery which contains a plastic and safety layer to protect the power from external environment. The removable battery can be replaced, change, modify and can be used in other suitable devices. 

why non-removable battery in smartphones
why non-removable battery in smartphones

          The non-removable battery is that type of battery that can’t be removed easily without any tools and help of a technician. Non-removable the battery is based on lithium ions so it gets degrades faster than a Removable battery. The non-removable battery has not strong layer like a removable battery. It is quite impossible to a normal user to replace, open the backside of the device, modify as compared to Removable battery.

Advantages of Non-removable battery in smartphones

We find some advantages and positive points in the side of non-removable battery like,
1.   Battery Protection
The first positive point of a non-removable battery is protection. If we talk about the advantage and reasons of why non-removable battery in smartphones are due to battery protection features. As compared to the removable battery, a non-removable battery is extra better because it helps to protect your device from not shutdown if your mobile gets drop or fall. The protection of battery is good because it is not an easy task to open a battery or back cover of smartphones having a non-removable battery. So, this protects the battery.
2.   Premium Look
In this time, fashion is the first priority so all needs more fashion and better design in anything. That’s why no removable battery introduced in smartphones. Although the design and features of smartphones is best but it lacks non-removable battery features then it is sure, it lacks premium looks. So, to provide the premium looks and best design in smartphones companies use a non-removable battery and attract the users.
3.   Trends
Nowadays we all love trending features in anything either is it clothes or gadgets. So, the non-removable battery in smartphones becomes trends in the smartphone market. In the time of checking the specifications, it is sure that almost all checkout the battery type either is it removable or non-removable. So, this is the reason why non-removable battery in smartphones.
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4.   Possible to use large battery capacity
If we check out the battery specifications of flagship smartphones then we can find the capacity like 10,000mAh, 12,000mAh. But do you know, what type of battery they have? It is sure that they are non-removable battery. In removable batteries, we can’t use the high power or capacity as compared to a non-removable battery.

Disadvantages of Non-removable battery in smartphones

There are some disadvantages of non-removable battery that we can feel or find while using the smartphones like,
1.   No replacement
It is sure that the replacing process of battery is quite difficult for normal smartphone users like you and like me. This is because the non-removable battery is protected with metallic back cover and it requires a hardware technician to open out it. Due to this feature, it is sure that you can’t use your friends and family’s battery by replacing your phone battery if there is no charge on your phone.

          If uncertainly your smartphone dropdown into water then there is the maximum chance of damage to your phone and battery because you can’t remove out the battery suddenly as like a removable battery.

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why non-removable battery in smartphones

2.   No long-lasting
As compared to the removable battery, a non-removable battery is lacking the performance. Although, non-removable battery capacity is high but it doesn’t last for a long time like a removable battery. The technology used in non-removable batteries is lithium ions so it degrades faster and slows down the performance of your smartphones too.

Advantages of Removable battery in smartphones

After reading the topic why non-removable batteries in smartphones you may get positive and negative aspects of non-removable batteries in smartphones. Although removable battery is old fashioned and somehow bad to look, we can find some great advantages in it.

The first positive point of the removable battery is a replacement. It is easy to replace and change the battery in immediate situations such as if your smartphones drop down into the water then you can suddenly remove the battery which helps in decreasing the damage of your phone and battery.

why non removable battery are used

It is easier to use your family’s and friend’s battery (if device and size match) as compared to non-removable. If you are a busy man and want to need your smartphones throughout the day then smartphones having a removable battery is best. You can change the battery easily and charge through external methods like using the master charger. This process makes easy to fill up your battery power and make a whole day by replacing and charging the process of batteries.

My Personal Opinions
The non-removable battery on a smartphone is a new technology. Although, non-removable battery is a new battery system it is loved by almost all smartphone users. We can find a premium feel while using a smartphone having a non-removable battery. So, this is the reason why no more removable battery and why do phones have non removable batteriesThe non-removable battery doesn’t last for a long time and difficult in the replacement process. If we talk about a removable battery then it is simple and easy to replace and use. At all, I prefer to the non-removable batteries because we all need new technology, better look and trending contents, and products to be up-to-date. So, there are some things that should be considered before buying a new phone.

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