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Why Indianapolis Is Also Fun for Non-Sports Fans

Fun for Non-Sports Fans

Although Indianapolis may be best known for sports car racing and the incredible sports that are played here: there’s more to the city than just that!  From gorgeous gardens to fantastic zoos and museums, you’ll fall in love with this city in no time.

These are the top destinations for travelers headed toward Indianapolis who aren’t into sports.

Exploring Gorgeous Newfields

This stop is one that’s going to take an entire day, so make sure to set aside time and boost your expectations!  Newfields is a charitable foundation that runs the largest museum in the city.  

Seasonal views offer Christmas lights and fantastic spring flowers when the seasons warm, but the real prize is what’s inside.  With Newfields, you can explore endless pieces of art, gorgeous sculptures, and insight into the artists who created each of these.  You’ll leave feeling inspired and eager to come back again.

Taking Your Kids to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

When you’re ready to explore fun after a long day of looking at houses for rent in Indianapolis: take your kids to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis!  This awesome museum offers the chance to connect with art, science, culture, and so much more, all while being hands-on and interactive.

This is great for kids below the age of 14, but it’s still fun for parents and guardians that bring their kids here!  From the moment you arrive, your kids can see dinosaurs scaling the buildings, and the fun begins.  A great stop for every family. 

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Interacting With Nature At the Indianapolis Zoo

Every city’s zoo can be fun, but the Indianapolis Zoo is one of a kind!  This 64-acre non-profit zoo walks you through the importance of conservation and caring for wildlife while also letting you marvel at creatures like elephants and tigers.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2023, this is one of the largest privately funded zoos in the U.S. and is the first in the nation to get triple accreditation as a zoo, aquarium, and botanical garden.  You’ll love every moment you spend here!

Learning in the Eiteljorg Museum

Although this museum is named after the philanthropist who started it, this museum is actually a large monument and art exhibit of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.  This walks you back thousands of years all the way to the modern day and allows you to feel like you understand the people and their lives more.  

Check Out the Amazing History

History is something that ties together every city and country, but few have as in-depth looks as the Indiana State Museum.  At home in downtown Indianapolis, this museum goes from prehistoric times to the present day, even offering an IMAX experience to allow you to fully enjoy learning while you’re here.  This is a one-of-a-kind stop that will stun anyone who stops in.

There’s More to Indianapolis Than Sports!

Sports may make up a big part of what put Indianapolis on the maps, but it’s so much more than this fun pastime.  Consider stopping in and getting to know the incredible city behind so much fun and excitement.

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