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Why Choose Custom Paperboard Air Filter Frames for Your HVAC

Paperboard Air Filter

You have bought a new house, moved in, and took a considerable amount of time to select your curtains and decorate the interior. One major thing that many people forget is to consider the quality of air in their house. If you sneeze whenever you enter the house or notice your white furniture is turning greyish, it is a sign that the quality of air in the house is poor. Poor quality of air is a result of worn-out or dirty filters in the HVA system. Therefore, you need to replace them. It can be a good idea to pick paperboard frames since they are treated and durable. For instance, 20x20x1 Air Filter MERV 13 looks nice, does not chip, and is lightweight. Most people find it hard to get the right fit. However, the air filter frames can be customized to fit your HVAC. Here is an overview of custom paperboard air filter frames.

How Does an HVAC Filter Work?

The work of the HVAC is to provide clean air in a home or office. It uses an air filtration system to clear off debris and reduce allergies, contaminants, and pollutants in the air. The work of the air filters is to capture these particles that find their way into the system. However, one crucial thing you must know is that the filters capture specific sizes of particles depending on their quality. Therefore, get superior quality filters if you want high-quality air filtration. Different components make the air filter and one of them is the frame. This frame must be a perfect fit to hold the filters in place and ensure dirty air does not find its way into the house.

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Custom Paperboard Air Filter Frame

You need a perfect fit of the frame to ensure the air filter is in the right place. However, it is not easy to find a frame that fits perfectly with your HVAC. The good news is that a paperboard filter frame can be customized to fit the filtration system. A custom paperboard filter frame is cut to fit your HVAC, and this ensures allergens and debris cannot get into the house through the system.

How Is It Made?

These frames are made using a die cutter machine. This machine can cut and shape almost any material. The good thing about this machine is that it comes in handy when you want a precise cut. It is computerized to provide a perfect cut depending on the measurements of your filtration system. The material is passed through the blades in the machine that cut it into the shape you want. This provides homeowners a great option if they have no idea of the kind of filter they need. Therefore, it is always crucial to confirm if the factory uses a die cutter machine.


If you are shopping for an air filter frame, this will be probably the hardest thing to do. However, considering custom paperboard air filter frames will make the work easier. The frames are customized according to the dimensions of your air filtration system. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting the right fit.

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