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What is Wi-Fi Calling | How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling

what is wifi calling | what does wifi calling mean


Make it easier to call using Wi-Fi. So, make it clear about what is wifi calling, what does wifi calling do and how to enable wifi calling.
Making a call with a Cellular network is not more effective in shaded and in a covered area. There is the maximum chance of call dropping and Inaudible voice while making a phone call. So, making a normal phone call from a non-network location will be very easy using Wi-Fi calling.

In anything, technology is playing a great role which helps them to be no.1 and provide better utility and services to the people. Like various achievements and improvements in technology,

what is wifi calling | what does wifi calling mean
what does wifi calling mean


we get the new features of making a phone call? Here to make a clear phone call and make a phone call without any network disturbance the technology introduced the new method of making a phone call, it’s Wi-Fi calling.

what is wifi calling

Wi-Fi calling is an advanced method of making a normal phone call with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi calling is a new process for making a mobile phone call directly without using any apps and programs. It is the method of calling the other users with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. what does wifi calling mean, it is a method where the phone call is done instead of using any carrier’s plan, packs and subscriptions. It is a simple process of doing a call to your friends, families, parties, and anyone using your mobile phone with wifi connection. Wi-Fi calling is one of the means to do call to any mobile numbers using Wi-Fi or hotspot connection.
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what is wifi calling or what does wifi calling means

Wi-Fi Calling is a High-quality voice calling service that uses good internet connectivity to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network on a mobile phone.

Wi-Fi calling allows you to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi. The things are that close places like building the cellular network can’t get. It may be blocked by concrete, roofs or even thick glass so to prevent the call from latency and call dropping there is the use of highly developed calling method, Wi-Fi calling. 

What does wifi calling do

We already know what is wifi calling. Now let’s talk about what does wifi calling does. Using Wi-Fi calling it is easy to make a phone call to any network via Wi-Fi connection. The connectivity capacity of Wi-Fi is very strong as compared to cellular networks. So, Wi-Fi calling helps to make a high-definition (HD) voice while making a phone call to any mobile numbers. Wi-Fi calling is a process of making a call over a Wi-Fi network. It is just a means and medium of taking a phone call in any mobile number. We know that in Inner space it is very difficult to get a mobile network and obviously making a phone call is not possible. So, it is easier and more possible to make a call to any number with the help of a Wi-Fi or hotspot connection called Wi-Fi calling.

What do you use wifi calling for?

In this time the use of Wi-Fi calling is more important. No matter how much technology changes, the problem of the network always becomes in the small shade and building area. So, if you want to make a clear call from such an area then Wi-Fi calling be the one and only option.

Why would I want Wi-Fi calling?

The thing is that in close places like building and basement floors we can’t get the proper network connection because concrete and even in thick glasses block it. So, after reading what is wifi calling, it is sure that it such an area you may feel latency in making a phone call. What is latency, latency means the situation where you or caller may not able to make a phone call quickly as a normal call? Also, you may have noticed that although you are receiving the call but may not able to answer the call because it takes time to connect a call. In some case although you are in a connected call you may feel noisy sound or unclear sound which disturbs and makes difficult in calling. So, in this case, it is sure Wi-Fi calling will come into use.

What is the difference between Wi-Fi calling and cellular calling?

Wi-Fi Calling is the process of making a phone call with W-Fi network connections. It is a method of receiving and doing a call to any mobile number using a Wi-Fi network connection. It is also called as VoWiFi. VoWiFi stands for Voice Over Wi-Fi. Voice over Wi-Fi technology helps mobile phone users to make a phone call with the help of Wi-Fi, using broadband and hotspot. In simple, WiFi calling is a method of making a phone call by connecting the mobile to Wi-Fi or any broadband connections.
what is wifi calling | what does wifi calling do
what does wifi calling do
Cellular calling is a normal phone calling what we do in our normal life. It is a simple and regular process of doing, calling or receiving a mobile number call on our mobile phone. Cellular calling is a calling process through cellular or mobile network. The cellular call is more expensive and low-quality voice call as compared to Wi-Fi calling.
Another difference between Wi-Fi calling and Cellular calling is that, Wi-Fi calling is cheaper and more useful in small and building areas. This is because in such an area it is difficult to get a cellular network but if there is the availability of Wi-Fi connection then we can make a phone call without a zero cellular network. In another hand, your favorite and in a very crowd place, it is very difficult to get a network pole in our mobile SIM. So, we miss calling the desired ones.

What is wifi calling

Isn’t same like WhatsApp, Messenger and Skype?

From a far distance Wi-Fi calling is the same as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, IMO and Viber calling but form closer there is the real difference between them. The main difference is that all the above services like messenger, WhatsApp, etc. works in VoIP service but Wi-Fi calling only works in VoFi service. Yes, the Wi-Fi calling is made only through Wi-Fi and broadband connection but the WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype calls is made from both choice either VoIP or VoFi. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is any method of using the internet either by Wi-Fi, Broadband, Hotspot, and Mobile Data.
In simple for what is wifi calling, Wi-Fi calling is one of the inbuilt features of a mobile phone but WhatsApp and Skype are the third-party apps and features to whom we have to install it form different sources. Wi-Fi calling is one of the inbuilt or default features of calling that we can get in the phone dialer directly. As like WhatsApp and Messenger calls it doesn’t need any apps and permission. Because of it default service feature there is no need to import or add contacts like Messenger, IMO, etc.
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How to enable wifi calling

Enabling a Wi-Fi calling features in your mobile phone can be done in a few steps. One can enable or activate Wi-Fi calling features in its smartphones either Android or iPhone easily by following the simple steps.

how to set up wifi calling on iPhone

Enabling wifi calling on the iPhone can be done by the following steps.
Be sure you have enabled HD Voice option on your Wi-Fi Calling-capable smartphones.
1.    Go to the Home Screen.
2.    Tap Settings and then tap on Phone.
3.    Tap on Wi-Fi Calling.
4.    Swipe Left to tap once to Enable.
5.    Finally Done.

how to enable wifi calling on android

Be sure you have enabled HD Voice option on your Wi-Fi Calling-capable smartphones.
how to enable wifi calling on android | how to set up wifi calling on iPhone
how to enable wifi calling
1.    Go to Settings and Choose ‘SIM Card and Mobile’ Option or go to ‘Connections’. (The connectivity options may be different form smartphones to smartphones).
2.    Go to ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ and Choose the SIM Card then enable or turn on the desired SIM.
3.    Finally Done.

Eligibility Requirements

To enable and use Wi-Fi calling features in any smartphone must have 4G VoLTE connectivity. After VoLTE features the device should also need HD Voice-enabled to be eligible for Wi-Fi calling. In these days many smartphones form different company supports these features. To enable wifi calling in smartphone the users must activate HD Voice (Advanced Calling).

Which devices support Wi-Fi Calling?

iPhone, Samsung, Redmi, MI, Gionee, LG, Nokia, and many other companies are supporting Wi-Fi calling features. In upcoming days the popularity of Wi-Fi calling will get increases and the number of supported smartphones also get increases.  
Wi-Fi calling features are available in almost all newer and upcoming smartphones. In this time we can see this option in flagship smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, Redmi K20 Pro, etc. We can guess that this feature will available soon in budget smartphones too.

Does the call receiver also should be on Wi-Fi?

Well after getting the answer for what is wifi calling, what does wifi calling do and how to enable wifi calling it is necessary to know some more things about it.
Wi-Fi calling is one of the smart features of making a phone call over Wi-Fi. It is one of the fastest, cheapest and most reliable method of making a phone call via Wi-Fi connection. The main confusion towards may Wi-Fi caller users is that, whether the call receiver also should be on Wi-Fi to receive a Wi-Fi call? So, the answer is No. Yes, there is no need to be on Wi-Fi if you are a call receiver, but the thing is that the caller should be on any Wi-Fi network to perform a Wi-Fi call.
The call receiver can also able to receive a Wi-Fi call on their normal phone. It means that, there is no need of Wi-Fi connection to receive the Wi-Fi call for the receiver. They can receive the Wi-Fi calling on a regular or normal cellular network.

What are the advantages of Wi-Fi calling?

There are a lot of advantages that we get form Wi-Fi calling. We already clear about what is wifi calling. We state that Wi-Fi calling is one of the new methods or technology for making a call. So, Wi-Fi calling features a lot of merits to the users.
1.   High Definition (HD) Audio Call.
The first thing that we get benefited from Wi-Fi calling is a High-Quality audio calling. Wi-Fi calling features to make or provide high-quality audio while making or connecting in a call. It is based on Wi-Fi connectivity so it provides an HD sound which makes the call more durable and standard.
2.   No Latency and Disturbance.
We may experience latency and disturbance problems while making a phone call using our normal cellular network. But with the help of Wi-Fi calling, we can get rid of such general problems in a few seconds. The main thing is that to the rid form latency and disturbance from network busy notification you have to enable Wi-Fi calling in your smartphones.
3.   Cheap and Fast Calling.
One of the best, cheap and fastest methods of making an HD voice call is Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling is one of the fastest and cheapest methods of making a phone call using Wi-Fi which helps to save your cellular charge, you don’t need to subscribe or buy any voice pack or need to have balance in your SIM card.
4.   More useful in Parking, Building and Concrete area.
We already informed you about the necessity of Wi-Fi calling in building, narrow area and in the forest area. It is not easy to get cellular networks in parks, roaming places area. In such an area we may face network problems, so it is quite difficult to make a phone call to anyone. But if there is the availability of Wi-Fi service then you don’t need to worry because Wi-Fi calling helps to make your call easily for free.
5.   No extra app and hardware
The most positive point of Wi-Fi calling is that it doesn’t require any extra app and hardware. You can get this option on your phone or call dialer as inbuilt features.

How much does WiFi calling cost?

Wi-Fi calling is totally depends upon Wi-Fi connection. So, it doesn’t charge any cost from cellular network company. The charge of Wi-Fi is necessary for making a Wi-Fi call. So, the Wi-Fi charge depends upon your Wi-Fi plans.

What is wifi calling

Can I use Wi-Fi Calling when I’m having problems like dropped calls?

Yes! You can use it. The main reason for Wi-Fi calling is to be free form call dropping and weak network signal. You can use Wi-Fi calling to make a clear voice call without any network errors.

How much data will a Wi-Fi call use?

The average data consumed by the Audio call in Wi-Fi calling is around 1MB / minute. It means voice calling in Wi-Fi takes 1 megabyte in one minute. Similarly, video call in Wi-Fi calling consumes around 7-10 MB / minute. The data-consuming volume may quite less or up, it depends upon the network and connections.

Does WiFi call drain battery?

Well in my view it may drain your smartphone’s battery. This is because to perform Wi-Fi calling you must need to be connected in Wi-Fi. We all know that Wi-Fi, Data, Flashlight, Sync, GPS, etc. consumes our battery as compared to it’s off mode. So, Wi-Fi calling drains your battery but it drains only a portion of your battery.


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