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What is UX (and why it’s so important)


UX is a term often made use of in today’s tech and design industries, though many people are unclear as to the exact meaning of the term and how it should be used. So what is UX

UX simply stands for “User experience”, which refers to the way in which a person interacts with a particular product, such as turning on a light switch. The nature of the interaction can be defined and changed by such factors as the physical appearance, colour and material used in the switch. 

In the world of digital design UX likewise refers to the interaction that a user has with a digital product and everything that is involved in that interaction. 

The importance of UX

UX is important due to the fact that it needs to fulfil the needs of the user in a positive way that will ensure user loyalty to the particular brand involved. A positive user experience will also allow businesses to be able to define customer journeys on their website in a way that is most conducive to the success of their company. 

UX is also important as it can cut down considerably on the costs that are associated with the likes of development, fixing bugs, marketing etc, thus providing an improved ROI (Return on Investment). 

On some occasions a product does not necessarily have to be innovative, but can simply take a traditional concept and just represent it in a slightly different way. A product can stand out from the crowd just by being more user-focused than its rivals. 

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UX is also important because it is able to provide an intuitive experience as well as continuity and coherence and designs that are specific to particular platforms. 

Making a great user experience

A user experience will never be the same for everyone, but the most important thing that needs to be taken under consideration during the design of a product is that the designer is not the user of the end product, therefore what the user will want or need to use the product for is not something that can just be taken for granted. 

In order to define a great user experience businesses should get close to their users by talking to them, observing the ways in which they make use of their product and try to put themselves in the heads of their customers and ask why they are making the decisions they are. Users and customers have a great deal to teach businesses, making it important for companies to pay attention, listen, watch and ask questions. 

Designing UX

Smart UX design begins by identifying a problem and then assembling ideas on how to solve it. The first thing to do before trying to solve a problem is to work out who has the problem, the exact nature of the problem, how the problem can be solved and what that solution will accomplish, the features that will be needed with that solution and how the final product should look and function. 

UX design creates digital or physical products that are practical and useable, and provides a great user experience.

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