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What is RAM or ROM | What is RAM and its types

what is ram or rom


What is RAM or ROM

Do you know what is ram or rom?Are you want to know what is ram and its types with detail and all about of what is ram or rom then you can get all the answer here.
We all Computer and Mobile users must know about the memory. All the mobiles and computer have a memory through which our mobile and computer works. There was a time where people used to keep their files, documents and folders in a separate box to use them when they need.

what is ram or rom

But due to the change in technology we all have a smartphonesand computer to keep our documents, data, and files in a separate folder and can use anytime and anywhere in need. This is all due to technology. So, the thing is that all the data, files and folders is not kept by your mobile but that all data is kept by your memory. So, all the files and data are stored in your memory. Here we are going to talk about memory. what is ram or rom
what is ram or rom
what is ram or rom
In common view there are two types of memory. They are, RAM & ROM (Included External Storage).


what is ram and its types

RAM stands for Random Access Memory which is treated as the control center of computer. RAM is a volatile memory which keeps all the data from power on and erase all the data when power is off. The storage capacity of the RAM is high which have a capacity to perform a task. what is ram or rom, RAM is the fastest and costliest memory of the computer because of it. It is expensive to buy it. RAM is defined as a read-write memory of a computer where the processor can read the data and can write the data to a computer. RAM is used to store the data which have to processed currently by CPU temporarily. The data of RAM can be modified and have a capacity Upto 16GB till now. what is ram or rom

what is ram or rom

RAM is defined as the most important memory of all mobile and computer users because the device having more RAM works more fine and smoothly than mobile having less RAM. To perform a multi task you have to use a Big size RAM like 4GB, 6GB etc. We can’t increase RAM.
what is ram or rom
what is ram or rom

what is ram and its types

Ø Static RAM
Ø Dynamic RAM
Static Ram: Static RAM is defined as a RAM which requires the constant flow of the power to retain the data inside it. The static RAM is made up of transistors. This type of RAM is faster and expensive than a Dynamic RAM. This memory is basically used as a Cache memory of a computer which creates a cache files.

what are the types of ram

Dynamic RAM: Dynamic RAM is that type of RAM which stores the binary information of a computer and device in the form of electric charges which is applied for capacitors. This RAM requires to be refreshed to retain the data it holds. This RAM requires a separate refresh circuit. This is the cheap type of Ram than Static RAM.

what is ram or rom


ROM stands for Read Only Memory. This memory is not directly access by CPU. To use ROM at first CPU transfer the data to RAM and ROM use it. ROM is treated as a non-volatile memory. The data can still remain after the device is power off or close it. For example, if we create some documents in a computer and save it. Then we can again use or see that files in our folders or a computer after a power off is done to our device.

what is ram or rom

       In comparison the capacity of ROM is less or smaller than RAM. So why ROM is slower and cheaper than RAM. The capacity of 16 GB ROM is equals to 1GB RAM. The data of ROM is only for read by CPU. We can increase ROM or Memory Capacity (Internal Memory) by using external slot.
Types of ROM
PROM: PROM is defined as a programmable ROM which can be modified only once by a user.
EPROM: Eraseabale ROM is that type of ROM which can be erased or the ROM which can be reprogrammed.
EEPROM: Electrically Eraseable Rom is that ROM which can be erased electrically and Reprogrammed.
In this article we learn in the topic of what is ram or rom and what is ram and its types in details. From above it is clear about what is ram or rom and we can also find out the types of ram and rom. Basically there are two types of memory they are ram and rom. This both memory have equal important to our mobile and computer device.
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what is ram and its types
what is ram or rom
what do you mean by ram
what is the meaning of ram


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