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What is ppi in screen, image,video and display?

what is ppi


What is ppi in screen and display

what is ppi in screen of mobile. Pixel Density in any device decides the quality of screen. So, learn all about what is ppi and what is pixel in camera.
If we talk about screen quality of any device either it is mobile, television, computer or laptop then we may have listened about the term pixel. While reading and finding out the specifications of any mobile, computer and television it is mention about the resolution of screen with certain value of pixels. For example, Full HD Display with 1920*1080p. The use of p (pixel) are also found in computer and television screen. If we talk about smart tv, 4K tv and 8k tv we can find a pixel used in it in its specification. Like, 54” (inch) Display with 3840*2160p. It means it in 4k tv we can find about 8Million Pixel.

       Before reading all about what is ppi it is better to know about what is pixel in details. 

what is ppi
What is pixel per inch



what is pixel

Pixel is a tiny or small component used in any screen. Pixel are small elements found or used in screen of any device. The use of pixel is found in smartphones screen, computer and laptop screen, television screen and devices having capacity to show an real object in screen. Pixel are small element having tiny rectangle shape. If we notice the screen of television from near then we can find the picture are somehow blur type with small rectangle (4 side equal) size having Red, Green and Blue color. So, it is clear that pixel are tiny colorful components which have capacity to change any color. The single pixel contains a three sub-pixel having RGB color. RGB color stands for Red Green Blue color. Pixel is a tiny component of screen which can be seen only from closer distance to screen by our eyes. If we look the screen from closer distance then we can easily see the pixel used in screen but if we go far from screen then you can’t see the pixels used in screen.
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what is ppi

PPI (Pixel Per Inch) is a measure of pixel in screen. PPI is a ratio of number of pixels used in screen. PPI is a measure of pixel density which determines the exact resolution of any screen. Pixel per inch helps in determining the quality and resolution of the screen of the device like television display, smartphone display and computer or laptop screen. We can say that the combine form of ppi is called an image. Pixel per inch is that which calculates the number of pixels used in 1 inch or per inch in screen. PPI helps to find how many pixels a square image of 1 inch has.

what is ppi in screen

PPI is also called as Pixel Density. Pixel density is defined as the total number of pixels used or located in a particular area of any screen. Pixel of screen is also measured in terms of PPCM. PPI in screen makes the calculation of the number of pixels used in your device screen. You can find the ppi of your mobile, computer and television screen by calculating it.

       In simple way, PPI is the value or certain number of pixels attached or used in the screen of any device. Pixel per inch can be obtained by calculating total number of pixels used in display or screen divided by the size of the screen. The increase in number of pixels in screen makes the clarity of the objects and more details of objects. 

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what is ppi
what is ppi mean


what is ppi determines

Pixels are small elements which determines the quality of an image or object shown in a screen. Increase in the number of pixels in photo or even in screen increase the quality of image or of screen too. If the pixels used in photo or in screen is less then the object shown in the screen can’t be clear and smooth. In screen having less pixels we can find a number of small dots which affects in the quality of the screen. Use of less pixel in image makes the image blur and unclear to view in zoom in or even in normal mode. So, increase in number of pixels in image, videos and screen increases the quality and vice versa.

How to Calculate Pixels or How to find PPI

We can calculate and find out the pixel per inch or pixel rate used in screen of our mobile, computer, laptop, television, tablets etc. in an easy step. So, after finding what is ppi and what is pixel now find how to calculate pixel per inch of the screen.
Suppose, you have a smartphone having 6” (inch) display size and resolution of 1920*1080p. So, the question may be,
If the size of screen is 6 inch with resolution of 1920*1080. Find PPI or Pixel density per inch?
Answer: If the size of display is 6 inch then at first, we have to find out the total resolution of the pixel used in screen. To find total pixel used in the screen is by multiplying the breadth and height of the screen.
Height (h) = 1920p
Breadth (b) = 1080p
So, total = 1920p*1080p = 2073600p =2million pixel (2MP)
From above it is clear that the total MP used in the screen is 2MP.
Similarly, if we split the screen size into two equal triangle form then we can find by using the simple mathematical formula.
(1080*1080) + (1920*1920) = (1166400 + 3686400) = 4852800 = 2202.9071

When we divide 2202.9071 by 6 then we can find around 367.15 pixels per inch in your smartphone screen. 

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what is ppi
Pixel Density


Does PPI matter?

Although increase in the number of pixels in screen or pixel per inch in screen increase the quality of object shown in the screen it matters on the size of screen too. The use of large number of pixels in small size of screen may not give a better result or the exact performance quality. The normal pixel per inch or pixel density in 1 inch is around 350 to 450 is good to sense by eyes. The use of 8k resolution in 4.5 inch display will not be suitable because the ppi of 8k resolution (7680*4320) in 4 inch display is about 1440 ppi.
       Our human eye can’t identify the pixels more than 399 in 1 inch. So, the use of more than 399 pixel in 1 inch of the screen doesn’t makes any difference in quality of the screen. If the size of screen is large then there must use more resolution or pixels to meet an average pixel to human eye for better image i.e. 399 ppi.
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What is ppi 300 or what is 300 ppi?
300 ppi means the average density of a pixel per inch in any display is 300. It means that 1inch display of screen contains 300 pixels.
How many PPI is 4k?
The exact resolution of 4k UHD (Ultra HD) is 3840*2160p. When we multiply this two then we get around 8Million Pixel. If the size of screen is 6inch then the ppi of 4k will be 480 pixels per inch.

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