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Top 5 Cities to own your retirement home in India

own your retirement

Are you planning to buy your retirement home? After a hectic work life, you must be looking forward to spending your post-retirement life in a beautiful, calm, serene and pollution-free city. There are various practical concerns which you need to take into account while choosing the city which is right for you. Availability of healthcare infrastructure, connectivity to metros, affordable living cost and real estate rates are some factors which you need to look at. Difference in property prices may not be the deciding factor as you can avail affordable home loan for the purpose.

Here are some cities which will be right for retirees: 

  1. Chandigarh- Chandigarh is the first planned city of Independent India. It is a comfortable haven for senior residents due to the presence of numerous gardens and parks and excellent healthcare facilities. Clean air and pleasant climate of Chandigarh makes it a good spot to own your retirement home. Chandigarh has good infrastructure and is well-connected to Delhi. PGI Chandigarh and Fortis Mohali are two prominent hospitals in this city. Chandigarh is home to large beautiful gardens such as the Rock Garden and Zakir Hussain Rose Garden which can be good places for retirees to relax.
  2. Coimbatore- Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu. It has excellent healthcare facilities and pleasant climate, which makes Coimbatore a suitable place for retirees. The low cost of living and real estate in Coimbatore is another reason why it is a great place to own your retirement home. The city is also home to beautiful mountain ranges, waterfalls and temples. Coimbatore is situated on the banks of the Noyyal River and surrounded by the Western Ghats. The serene natural environment makes Coimbatore the perfect place to spend your leisure time in. KG Hospital and Kovai Medical Centre have made Coimbatore a popular healthcare destination for senior citizens. Excellent connectivity and good infrastructure are other factors adding to the value of Coimbatore as the right place for retirees.
  3. Goa- Goa is a surprising addition to this list. However, places like Nacinhola and Siridao in Goa have become popular destinations for retirees. This is because such places in Goa are pollution-free, quiet and have a serene environment. Goa also has good infrastructure and good healthcare facilities. The beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan culture, and affordable rentals are other features of Goa which make it a good place to own your retirement home in. If you have always dreamt of living close to the beach, consider getting a home loan to buy your retirement home in Goa.
  4. Dehradun- In the foothills of Himalaya, we have Dehradun, which is a Himalayan town. This town is perfect for retirees who want scenic views of the spectacular Himalayan Mountains, natural beauty, Buddhist temples and delicious street-food. Peaceful living and tranquility await those who want to spend their post-retirement years in Dehradun. Dehradun’s proximity to spiritual destinations such as Haridwar and Rishikesh make it a popular place for retirees who want to visit holy towns. Also, the weather in Dehradun is pleasant throughout the year. Dehradun also has well-connected roads and rails. Connectivity of the town to hill stations such as Mussoorie is another attractive feature.
  5. Mysore- Mysore, a beautiful city in Karnataka, is a good option for retirees whose children are settled in Bangalore. In that case, a home loan can help you secure the funds to enjoy your retirement home in the beautiful city of Mysore and stay close to your children. As per the Urban Development Ministry, Mysore is India’s cleanest city. Mysore is a good place to  because of the good weather and low cost of living. Mysore is the cultural capital of Karnataka because of its royal grandeur, majestic palaces and beautiful landscapes. With its calm vibe and cleanliness, Mysore has made itself an attractive destination for retirees.
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If you are planning to purchase your retirement home in your dream city, you can avail an affordable home loan which comes with relatively low home loan interest rates and flexible repayment.


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