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Thoughts Do Not Let You Sleep: How To Help Yourself


Insomnia from obsessive thoughts is common. You can toss and turn all night and still not fall asleep, which will then affect your health and general well-being. There are some universal tips on how to deal with this.

Grab a diary and put your thoughts on it

Put a piece of paper or a notebook with a pen next to you before going to bed. As soon as unnecessary thoughts begin to swarm in your head, write them down. No need to paint everything in detail – only the most basic. So you unload the brain and let it know that you will think about all this tomorrow.

Remember the proverb “the morning is wiser than the evening”

At night, all thoughts become more disturbing and intrusive. It is quite possible that having thought about the same thing in the morning, everything will seem to you not so large-scale. Therefore, at night it is worth trying to switch your thoughts to something more pleasant. For example, imagine that you are sleeping in a warm and cozy wooden house, and a snowstorm is raging outside.

No Gadgets

The habit of sitting at the computer or looking at the phone has a detrimental effect on sleep. The light from these devices has an exciting effect and stimulates the production of melatonin. Excess information also harms sleep – the brain begins to process it, new thoughts are added to the existing thoughts, and all this does not allow you to fall asleep.

Ventilate the room and Ensure comfy bedding

The sleep hormone melatonin is best produced in complete darkness. There should not be any light sources in the room – not even a small light bulb or a charging device.

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Before going to sleep, be sure you have comfortable bedding like bamboo sheets that give you warmth and relaxation for a long time. It is much easier and more pleasant to sleep in a ventilated and comfy bedroom.

Daily relaxation

Try to relax completely before going to bed with the help of special techniques. There are a lot of them, choose the one that suits you. One of the most popular is complete muscle relaxation. Lying on your back, start from top to bottom: first relax the muscles of the forehead, then the eyes, nose, mouth, and neck, gradually descending lower and lower. Do this until you feel that the body is wadded. You can also meditate.

Make sure that you are engaging in things that make you happy and relaxed. If your mind and body are relaxed, then you will have no problems falling asleep. Many people listen to soothing music before they go off to sleep. Others prefer to watch a happy movie or tv series that can help them doze off. Depending on what suits your personal preferences, you can do that on an everyday basis. To know about websites that can help you download relaxing content.

Evening habit

Many people have activities that they do just before bed. It can be a walk, reading a book, mint tea, anything. 

If you cannot relax on your own, ready-made audio recordings on the Internet will help you. It can be a special sleep meditation or relaxing music. A reflex is gradually developed that a certain action a sweet sound of the white noise machine and deep sleep. 

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Thoughts do not let you sleep? Count sheep! Seriously though, there are a lot of things you can do to help yourself fall asleep. 

We hope this will help clear your head so you can focus on sleeping. What are some other methods that work for you when dealing with intrusive thoughts? Share them in the comments below!

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